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"Reviews: The Sheds"

The Sheds

Nov 16 2005
The Sheds (Independent)

There are plenty of sheds in Nanaimo, but only one capital-S Sheds. And over the course of four songs, the quartet of Melissa and three Mikes, prove themselves as one of the island's best new bands and huff and puff so mightily, they easily blow down any other sheds standing in their way. It's no small wonder that the super-melodic "Fuzzle" has received significantly more spins on The Sheds' page, but the slinky grind of "Clammy Tongue" is bound to make for a kickass third single after "Funky Ph" buzzes its way into listeners' hearts. If those three tracks don't leave an impression, first you need to give your head a shake and then get ready to be pummeled by "Tank." This is the essence of the Sheds, when Mel and Mike T.'s vocals blend and bounce off each other, as the band locks into a psychedelic red-light haze. This EP is the true meaning of tease, leaving a great taste in your mouth, ready for a longer trip with the Sheds. -Bill Stuart

- Monday Magazine (Victoria)

"CD Reviews"

Artist: the Sheds
Title: The Sheds
Label: Hub City Records

If I were asked to predict one thing The Sheds will face in the coming year (besides growing popularity) it would be a few hundred comparsions to Metric. And though it isn't entirley accurate, lazy reviewers (like myself) looking for a quick three-word synopsis so they can get on to the next order of business might find their fingers typing "sounds like Metric." There. That's concise. Now I don't have to explain the intricasies of how The Sheds blend art-damaged post-punk with psychedelic rock, grunge, and even the occasional nod to the creepier aspects of the Pixies' sense of atmosphere. That kind of sonic experience is hard to express in words. OK, to be fair, given the chance, The Sheds would probably blow Metric through the wall like Marty McFly's ginormous speaker in the opening scene of Back to the Future. They rock that much harder. This shouldn't be surprising since Mike T (of Bullbucker fame) is the bearded man at the drums and Mike C and Mike B show they clearly listened to more Fugazi and Nirvana than the guys in Metric ever did. And The Sheds singer/keyboardist Mel obviously doesn't hold Debbie Harry in the same regard as Metric's singer/keyboardist does, instead paying homage to PJ Harvey and Grace Slick at her most surrealistically freaked out. Therein lies the problem. The Sheds are too stylistically complex to spend any less than five thousand words on. Dissecting their influences alone could be a paper in itself. At the end of it all I suspect I'd be forced to admit that The Sheds EP is more than just the sum of their influences -- it's visceral and original and heady enough to blow all but the most jaded mind. But that'd be a lot of work, so all you get today is "sounds like Metric." And go hear them for yourself at The Cambie for their EP release pasrty on Oct. 28.
By, Jakob Rehlinger - The Navigator (Nanaimo)

"Album Reviews"

4 out of 5 stars
The Sheds - The Sheds
Hub City Records

For a band out of Nanaimo that has just debuted this self-titled EP last fall, The Sheds are eeringly amazing at what they do. The vocals are a strong and soulful reminder of Young People singer Katie Eastburn, while the four songs are well-composed and articulated indie-pop treats. Currently climbing the Nanaimo college radio charts, their spread across the country should be deservedly anticipated. -Stu Hood
- SH Zine

"The Sheds"

*The Sheds - S/T(Indie)
There should be more good music coming out of Nanaimo, B.C.... at least as far as I'm concerned. The place has always reminded me of some kind of weird combination of Liverpool and Detroit, although on a smaller level (duh). The Sheds might just be the first salvo from the new Nanaimo music scene that will be drawing international attention, and causing writers for Spin to have to go to see shows at the Cambie in order to file their breathless article on the "Big Beat Nanaimo Sound". Okay, I'm engaging in some hyperbole here (although it does amuse me to picture some Spin writer getting stamped into a thin paste at the Cambie), but this does not take away from the point that, in nearly any other city, The Sheds would be a band that everyone would be talking about. They've taken some of the best aspects of The Pixies, X and My Bloody Valentine, and transmogrified them into a sound all their own. This kind of magic can only happen in the outposts of popular music which is why the Nanaimo Scene is going to be big... BIG, I tells ya!
by, Amy Honey - Red Cat Newsletter (Red Cat Records Vancouver)


The Sheds self-titled ep
Label: Hub City Records
charted on CHLY Nanaimo, BC; CFUR Prince George, BC; CFBX Kamloops, BC; CJSF Burnaby, BC, CFCR Saskatoon, SK
medium rotation on Indie Pop Rocks!, San Francisco, CA
CITR, "Radio Hell", Vancouver
Nanaimo EP to be released February '07


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mike T (Bullbucker) invited Mike C (the Papillomas), Mike B (Daytonas, Shrimp Meat, Lavish) and Mel (Sister Ray) to the Shed to start the Sheds in 2005. We write typically original songs, but have been known to cover the Nuns, the Stooges, the Runaways, Elevator, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Gerbils, the Flamin' Groovies, and the Breeders. We enjoy rocking.