If the shins, jellyfish, and spoon had a baby- it would be us.


Remember a time when you heard songs on the radio and those songs crept their way into your mind? Remember how the melody stuck with you for the rest of the day? Remember when you bought the record, you listened to the whole thing and loved it as much as “the single”?

TheSHEERS are a product of that time.

In the fall of 2003, singer/songwriter Danny DeLaMatyr had made the move from big city to bigger city, relocating from Dallas to Los Angeles to take a gig as the guitar player in Old 97’s front man Rhett Miller’s touring band. After the short but critically acclaimed tour, DeLaMatyr settled into his adopted city.

Around the same time, drummer/songwriter/producer Luke Adams was finishing up a two-year stint as the touring drummer for Pete Yorn’s band and was aching for a creative outlet and a well-deserved rest at home.

A mutual Dallas friend, bass player Bill Shupp, introduced Adams to DelaMatyr. Adams, being a fan of DelaMatyr’s first band (“The Days”) quickly offered to produce/record his newer material. After two months of collaboration, it was evident that what was developing was a tangible musical relationship. It was clear to both that a band had to be formed from this collaboration. Re-enter drummer-turned-bass player Bill Shupp, and the SHEERS were born.

Thus began a two-year process of writing, recording, and gigs that has culminated in their brand new release-“Goodbye World”.

“Goodbye World” harkens back to a time when the “album” reigned supreme. From the mid-tempo soft rock of “Nothing Against Her”, to the sonic paint-splash of “Something Wrong”, it is a record that should be listened to in order, and in its entirety.

The influences are strong and clear. From the McCartney-esque “It is What It Is” to the Supertramp pop craft of “What You Decide” theSHEERS draw from their heroes yet inject their own pop sensibility, creating a sound that is not only unique and catchy, but timeless.

With music placements on ABC’s “Men in Trees” and airplay on KCRW’s “Brave New World” show, theSHEERS are poised to make a name for themselves in the indie-pop world in 2007/08.


Our first record "Goodbye World" was released in January 07. We have distribution through CD Baby, itunes, and NOTLAME RECORDS.
We've had airplay on KCRW, and various online streaming radio shows, as well as licensing placements on Veronica Mars, and Men in Trees

Set List

Our setlist is about 40 minutes long, all songs from our record except one new one:

Ripping My Soul Out (new)
What You Decide
You're Just Lonely
Cover Me Up
Nothing Against Her
Goodbye World