The Sheridan Band

The Sheridan Band

 St. Thomas, Ontario, CAN

Taking over the world one pub at a time.....!


The Sheridan Band is a high-energy traditional Celtic folk group. The band consists of five family members who were often asked to play their music at various family and community events. As others quickly discovered, a party breaks out wherever this group performs. The requests to perform have continued to pour in from Northern Ontario right down into Michigan.

The Sheridan Band’s music reflects the musical influences they had experienced growing up in an Irish-Canadian family. The traditional Celtic folk songs dominate their music throughout the evening. A subtle blend of sounds stemming from their contemporary rock influences weaves its way throughout their music creating the perfect ingredients for a foot-stomping good time.


Run around with me

Written By: Jeff Sheridan, Andy Reid

Run Around With Me
Written by:
Jeff Sheridan, Andy Reid

Run around ye bonnie lass, run around with me
Down the dark and cobble streets, where all the lovers meet
Run around ye bonnie lass, run around with me
I may not be good for you but you’ll be good for me

Your father says you’re at the grocers when ever I come to call
Your mother hangs her head and sighs, with out a word at all
Run with me ye bonnie lass into this summers night
If you’ve never done anything wrong, can you ever do anything right


My father was a sailor and when he decided to settle down
He was a loving committed family man with one in every town
Well I may be the type of lad your mother warned about
Cause many a mother would lock up her daughter when I come strolling out


Find a man of higher standard your father did implore
I’d gladly raise my standard if you’d only lower yours
I could speak of our tomorrows in a loving kindly way
But we’ll never have tomorrow if we haven’t got today


Northern Stars

Written By: Jeff Sheridan, Rob Pittaro, Andy Reid

Northern Stars

Written by:
Jeff Sheridan, Andy Reid, Rob Pittaro

We were a band of gypsy dreamers, couldn’t be fenced in
Not knowing were we are going, never caring were we have been
I see a thousand miles of freedom and I ain’t looking back
A warm summer breeze in my hair, I feel the sunlight on my back

Me and my northern stars, just me and my northern stars

Those summer nights down by the lake we were princes, kings and fools
A lifetime of dreams unfulfilled, we were making our own rules
A canvass is unfolding with a thousand points of light
I’ve driven down that open road to be on this stage tonight

Me and my Northern Stars, just me and my Northern Stars
Me and my Northern Stars,


V’s still plays his guitar by the crackling fires light
Sweet Caroline and Bobby Mcgee go drifting through the night
Sitting on the boat dock as the waves come lapping in
Time stood still with every breath you took when you were in my arms

Me and my Northern Stars just me and my Northern Stars

Under those northern summer stars all your dreams they can come true
I‘ll wish upon a shooting star to bring me back to you
A canvass is unfolding with a thousand points of light
I’ve driven down that open road to be on this stage tonight

Me and my Northern Stars, just me and my Northern Stars
Me and my Northern Stars, just me and my Northern Stars

Tippin' the Jar

Written By: Jeff Sheridan, Rob Pittaro

Tippin’ the Jar
Written by
Jeff Sheridan, Rob Pittaro

Another Friday on the highway
And the beer is getting cold
The car she barely makes it
For she pulls a heavy load
Out of the car, into the bar
It’s time to settle in
Another crowd gathers round
It’s drinking time again

We’re tippin’ the jar – Raise ‘em up
We’re tippin the jar again
We’re tippin the jar- Raise ‘em up
We’re tippin the jar again
There will be hell to pay in the morning
But we’ll be hear to the end
We’re tippin the jar boys
We’re tippin the jar again

Their filling up the glasses
The voices getting loud
Their coming into to PJ’s
For a night out on the town
The end of the night
Their feeling alright
A voice says loud and clear
You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay hear


The girls are on the dance floor
Now every lad in sight
Is drinking up the courage
To prove he’s mister right
We’re playing their song
Their singing along
It’s drinking time my friends
Hoist your glasses up in the air
For another sociable again


When their clearing off the tables
And the bar is closing down
We’re scrapping up the change
To buy our final round
There’s a drunken band
That can hardly stand
As the lights are coming on
You can hear the midnight choir yelling
One more song



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