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'Calling It Wrong' comes straight from the heart of Scotland via London and Liverpool. It's the sound of The Bluetones on a 60-a-day fag habbit, tossing an extra razor blade into the Vox amp and dragging Lee Mavers out of self-enforced mainstream exile to take his first tentative steps toward brushing aside the young pretenders. A rasping guitar, throaty vocal and a swinging rhythm reinvent 'Bluetonic' for a new generation, throwing in an addictive Fratelli-esque chorus stripped of the irritation factor. Amidst a squall of buskable indie toons, it's a cut above.

B-sides 'Smile Has Gone' and 'Wendy' consolidate the bands 90s Merseybeat sound whilst subtly mimicking Dirty Pretty Things, Dylan, The Pretenders and, yes it's true, Meatloaf. The Shermans; the happy sound of the underground bought to the comfort and warmth of your own home.


If there is a music scene in Stirling then surely this quintet is at the forefront? Forever cursed to play university venues…we do hope not.

Having supported the Stone Roses Experience (ageing Brit-pop types) and Tiny Dancers (middle of the road 'Feeling' wannabes), it would be nice if The Shermans weren't cast in the shadows of (Fratellis' ?) football-loving anthems. Aptly titled single, 'Calling it wrong' is indeed calling it so. It is not their best single and is seemingly chosen as was the soundtrack for Soccer AM not too long ago.

In a perfect world, this single would have been titled 'Smile has gone' - the B side. 'Smile' is not only more memorable than the title track but has a great foot stomping melody and a twangy guitar rift that will have you dancing round in a lasso in yer cowboy boots. We'd like to compare them to Kings of Leon, but they're more poppy and dare we say, merrier?

Even though they can boast a decent following in their hometown, we sneakily presume that this is a band that needs to be seen live in order for the songs to be done justice. In fact, we may do just this! After all, NME are featuring them in their Breaking Bands competition, which is not the worst thing in the world that could happen to them.

Fratellis knock off's? We wouldn't want to insult the Shermanator now would we?!


This five-piece from Stirling are creating a stir. This infectious indie/rock single has a huge singalong of a tune that's instantly likeable. It's no wonder this song has already appeared on Soccer AM. Good fun and with hooks big enough to catch a shark. A band to look out for. - THE SUNDAY MAIL (REVIEW BY AVRIL CADDEN)


This lot have been gathering a bit of press lately, with a track appearing on Sky Sports Soccer AM, and appear to have built themselves a solid fan base despite this being their debut single release. It resonates of backstreet Britpop, the kind of underground sound that was drowned out by Oasis and Blur in the mid 90's. 'Calling it Wrong' is all about the nifty riff, and the b-sides don't sound a million miles away from being a Fratelli's cover band – right down to the mouth organ. Don't let that scare you off, though – It's a decent effort for such a fledgling outfit. - WWW.ISTHISMUSIC.COM


Well, these guys certainly know how to do the catchy indie thing. 'Calling It Wrong' by The Shermans is testily tasty and irksomely infectious.
Five piece, The Shermans, err towards the poppier side of rock and the three tracks here, 'Calling It Wrong', 'Smile Has Gone' and 'Wendy', are all charmingly sing-alongable and loaded with hooks as big as fishing gaffs. As commercial as f**k and as likeable as hell, 'Calling It Wrong' and its 'B'
sides get the job done without having to rely on too many gimmicks.
Scotland's The Shermans have that typically British feel to them; the same sort of British-ness that Ray Davies and The Kinks had way back when and just look how influential they turned out to be!
Every song here sounds totally honest and gig-friendly - I'm sure Messrs Aitcheson (vocals), Middleton (guitar), Kerr (guitar), McDonald (bass) and Cumming (drums) could replicate these works to the absolute note in the live scenario. It's all just straightforward pop/rock done with simplistic precision, professionalism and a great underlying sense of good-time one-ness. The Shermans appear to have it all sorted, done, dusted, wrapped up and polished to a brilliant shine.
'Calling It Wrong' by The Shermans has all the potential to be a biggie for these guys - surely the start of massive things to come!!

(Rhythm & Booze rating 8/10)


The name that this Stirling based indie/rock quintet go by will
either plant morose images of early twentieth century tank warfare
and Spielberg cinematic genius in your mind or the bell bottom
swinging, family collective pop scene of the swinging 70's. The
Shermans however, are infact a band of notable talent with fresh
sounds which play upon the classic pop/rock of the 60's with simple
melodies and danceable rhythms. 'Calling It Wrong' keeping it simple
from the outset erupts with Graham Middleton and Chris Kerr united
with growling guitars ablaze. Accompanied by vocals from Shaun
Aitcheson, sitting somewhere between Celtic legends Rod Stewart and
Fergal Sharkey, the tracks composition and highly appealing
orchestration soon nudges your minds eye to the heady days of Ocean
Colour Scene and modern day counterparts The Zutons. The tracks
lyrics are vague to say the least, but with an arsenal of plus points
this track and band are a sure fire hit for the future.
4 / 5


The Sherman's Calling it wrong -Platform Records- This is a catchy
song along independent guitar-pop offering. It's an honest record,
from a band with an interesting take on a successful formula which
appears to be currently in vogue. All three tunes have bags of energy
and includes a nice harp theme on 'Wendy', a girl who appears to have
missed out on most of what life has to offer. The production and
performance is a little rough around the edges but this only adds to
its honesty and I like it for this. Worth a few minutes of any
guitar-pop fans time.


Well, one thing's for sure - The Shermans kick up a pretty punchy sound that's pretty distinctive and nicely instant. And, 'Venom' cuts straight to the chase here with a memorable guitar and drum intro before the impassioned vocals interrupt proceedings and 'Venom' starts to unfold.

The Shermans sound relies quite a lot on short, concise guitar riffs and fills that nestle in amongst the vocals, unerringly side-by-side making a strong and punchy statement. Add to that the military-esque percussive work and stabbin' bass and you've got a sound with heart, soul and attitude. And so it's no surprise that The Shermans' new single 'Venom' is built on those very same foundations - a robust, at times almost quirky, backbeat that at times vies with the vocals for prominence but always manages to work out just fine.

Although they hail from Stirling in Scotland, The Shermans sound is as British as Blackpool Tower; retaining a jagged rawness of feel that suggests punk roots and having a real earthy heart The Shermans' pop-rock is as solid as it is viable. 'Venom', with it's catchy 'lah lahs' and infectious air-guitar-friendly riffs is a real solid worker and gets stronger with repeat plays - radio friendly and hard-driven, 'Venom', with good DJ exposure, could very well catch on!

The Shermans 'Venom' comes in two mixes here and is supported by 'You're Just Not Getting Enough'; more staccato guitars, more metronomic drums, more lethal bass and the same enthusiastic and typically British vocals. A great 'B' side and very much an equal to its bigger brother, 'Venom'. All-in-all a really good piece of commercial rockin' work from The Shermans - and 'lang may yer lum reek' I say! - VENOM - TOXIC PETE (WWW.TOXICPETE.CO.UK)


Calling It Wrong - Single - released September 2007
- Calling it wrong
- Smile has gone
- Wendy

Venom Hit number 7 in the scottish Charts and number 10 in the uk indie charts
Venom - Single - release date April 13th 2009
- Venom [radio edit]
- Just not getting enough
- Venom [full version]

The majority of single tracks are streaming on

08/09/2007 – Radio Scotland - Janice Forsyth show
05/09/2007 – XFM Scotland - Xposure with Jim Gellatly
04/09/2007 – XFM Scotland - Xposure with Jim Gellatly
28/08/2007 – London Cafe - French spoken show broadcast in Canada
23/08/2007 – XFM Scotland - Xposure with Jim Gellatly
20/08/2007 – BCB FM – Bradford Blast
13/08/2007 – BCB FM – Bradford Blast
12/08/2007 – Northsound 1 - Sunday Session
09/08/2007 – XFM Scotland - Xposure with Jim Gellatly
07/08/2007 – BCB FM – Bradford Blast
06/08/2007 – Isles FM - Musical Pharmacy
05/08/2007 – Northsound 1 - Sunday Session
02/08/2007 – Blast 1386 - Mark Watkins show
31/07/2007 – Blast 1386 - Mark Watkins show


10/11/2007 – Sky Sports / Sky One - during a match (unconfirmed which) – Calling It Wrong
20/10/2007 – Sky Sports / Sky One - Scunthorpe v. Leicester – Calling It Wrong
25/08/2007 – Sky Sports / Sky One - Soccer AM - Calling It Wrong



The Shermans started gigging and within a few gigs they had acquired a legion of fans across Central Scotland with their brand of catchy songs.

The guys have earned support slots at the Glasgow Barrowlands, The Carling Academy and played with established acts such as Sergeant, The Tiny Dancers, From The Jam, The Wallbirds and The Ronnelles, Cage the elephant and performed at 2007s Live At Loch Lomond music festival.

The band independently released their debut single Calling It Wrong on September 10th 2007 which reached number 23 in the UK indie charts and number 20 in the Scottish charts on its first week. It has been featured 3 times on Sky Soccer AM and has been played on Northsound, XFM, Radio Scotland and Radio 2.

All single reviews have supported and praised the band for their catchy songs, including a feature in the Sunday Mail.

The Shermans next single, Venom is set for release on April 13th 2009 and we're confident it will top the sales of the previous single. So far it has received positive feedback from plays on Northsound and on Jim Gellatlys most recent podcast (episode 22).