The Shift

The Shift



The Shift is Evolving in the belief that humans are elevated with sound and light. Deprogramming is at the core of our philosophy. The world is burning.


A Ballad for Detroit

Written By: Brian Downey

Dear Detroit, you're a place on a map not sure really how to save it
Some do say -- torch the fuckin' place and watch the carbon bodies rain.
Tho, there's a girl
In a house on the floor
with a needle and a weapon
All alone
Just needs another chance
Perhaps a prince's hand to hold on
Through the door
And escape this hells gate
that will swallow many more


Pheasants run wild while a pack of dogs marches near
A car burns on a street corner
Yet no one seems to care

Dear Detroit......

--For Suzie, we love you even in death


Written By: Brian Downey -- inspired from Principia Discordia

If your days broken
And the darkness crawls inside
There's hope in a girl
A goddess unveiled
As she floats down

Then there's this secret
With the girl who dares to share
Unlocking your mind
Crystalized all this time
It's not broken


Her name is Eris
And she's coming to your town
With Chaos in her eyes
You're confused so unwind
You've been lied to!

Her name is Eris
And she's coming to your town
With Chaos in her eyes
Unleash to walk blind
You've been lied to!

So when you see her
Atoms dance up in the air
Unlocking your minds
Prison from time
It's not broken

And when she's speaking
A rainbow arrives in the air
A warm gentle voice
You listen by choice
And she tells you


Her name is Eris........