The Shift

The Shift

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It`s Jazzy Blues & Soulful Rock With Voices, Guitar and Percussion we take a minimalist approach to our music, yet create a full sound enriched with rhythmic and melodic subtleties.


Robyn grew up in Adelaide, Australia, in the middle of an exciting and versatile music scene. She took lessons in Guitar and piano but after being drawn to the Jazz greats of Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone she felt that she could best express her feelings and emotions through voice. Before meeting Thilo, she sang in various Jazz, Pop and Rock Bands as well as wrote for and performed in theatre productions. Her huge, very expressive voice has an emotional depth and and soulful spark that is seldom heard.
Thilo comes from a tiny village not far from Leipzig in Germany. His restless soul pushed him to leave home at an early age and adopt a lifestyle of travelling the world and exploring different musical styles. His first experiences with Blues, Folk and Rock bands were followed by solo gigs in Germany and France. It was at this time that he developed his unconventional percussive style of playing. Always on the move, he later found himself stranded in Australia where he met Robyn at a jam session......



Written By: Robyn Wyman The Shift


I can't eat can't sleep Can't even if I'm counting sheep

Can't work I can't play All I can do is think about you all day

I'm Addicted I'm Addicted

I wake up you're there It's like you're living inside of my head

Can't breathe I can’t dance you seem to carry me along in a trance

I'm Addicted I'm Addicted

A wise man said that craving causes of trouble in this world

That happiness escapes when we want more more more

Addicted I'm addicted

Your eyes are green & gold & brown, like a forest at sunrise

Your smile is like a thousand wishes come true, oh you spin me around and around

Never thought I’d feel this way, I wake up just want you

I’d like to know just how it feels to wake up and not need you

It’s tearing me up inside, I just can’t live with out you

I hate to admit it...I’m so addicted...

I can’t wait I want more, I’m standing and I’m staring at the door,

I can’t wait for you to come around, lying on the floor with my ear to the ground,

I’m addicted, I’m addicted........

Set List

We play up to 4 Sets a`45 min.
The sets contain originals and jazz, blues and rock inspired covers played in our own way