The Shifters

The Shifters


A hot rod mix of hard livin' and gearhead anthems. The perfect soundtrack for a night of fast livin' and cheap booze...


Formed in january 2004 in Montreal, Qc. CANADA.

Rock n’ roll has never been in God’s good graces. Elvis was supposedly the son of Satan
because of the way he shook his hips, Ozzy bit the head off a bat, while
Motley Crue lived fast ... “If you smoke, drink, fight or fuck, you’ll love our music,” sums up The SHIFTERS frontman Marty Marty.

The SHIFTERS music is for people who drive fast, live loud and are all tattooed up.

Established in 2001 at Montreal’s legendary Bar St-Laurent, The SHIFTERS bonded
over the love of alcohol and tattoos to play their first show and
create music that reflected their fast lifestyle.

The Shifters quickly established themselves as leaders of the rock ’n’ roll
subculture within Montreal by playing shows with notorious bands like
DANKO JONES, TURBO AC'S, The BLACK HALOS and more ... No one
could deny the band’s powerful sound and vision.

Whatever your poison, whether it’s porn, cigarettes, booze or sleazy rock'N roll,
The SHIFTERS are the soundtrack to your transgressions.


album: music for sinners. (2006) in stores NOW across Canada and U.S on Spinerazor /CPR/ UNIVERSAL

tracks from music for sinners can be heard on:

CKLN fm (toronto)
CFRU fm (guelph)
CISM fm (montreal)
CKUT fm (montreal)
CIBL fm (montreal)
CHYZ fm (quebec)
CKCU fm (ottawa)

Set List

Our set list is about 45 minutes give or take, depending on the venue:

Queen Street,
Run Devil Run,
Think Stupid,
Sleaze Tequila,
Roll of a Dice,
Holiday in the Sin,
Kings and Queens,
Car Crash in Vegas,
Hollywood Scumfuck,
Ford Fairlane.

We always add a cover or two:

beat on the brat. (Ramones)
Busted. (Johnny Cash)
Runaround Sue. (Dion)
Teenage Kicks. (Undertones)
Nice Boy. (Rose Tattoo)
Have Love Will travel. (The Sonics)