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"Modified Times LP (CMJ RPM Director)"

"The Shift kind of blew most of the rest of the new-music pile away." - RPM Director, WEFT (Champaign, IL)

"Soulville EP (URB Magazine)"

"The Shift's 'Soulville'...laid-back with mid-tempo beats and a live-sounding feel fans of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music should dig." - URB Magazine

"Modified Times LP (DJ Times)"

"Brooklyn based DJ Scottie B and Producer Chris Tempas have assembled quite a crew of young talented musicians for, The Shift. With guitarists Brian Fegan, sax player Mike DeVellis, bassist Jeff Angell, and vocalists Rhiannon, they have all the elements to make quality music of nearly any sort. This LP is beautifully packaged and full of compelling, quality productions. Twelve diverse jams run the gamut from funky and soulful, to laid back and energetic. For my money, the stand out cuts include silky houser, "No Accessories", "Never Enough" featuring the lovely vocals of Rhiannon, and two down tempo gems "Play All Mode" and "Minus Man." Mark this down as another quality release from Scottie B and the crew." - DJ Times

"Soulville EP (DJ Times)"

"Wildly diverse and soulful, this retro flavored, 4 track EP is the second exceptional release from Brooklyn based Blunted Funk Recordings..."Soulville" takes us back to the days of bellbottoms and wah-wah guitar riffs. Drop the needle and cue Curtis Mayfield from stage left...If you are looking for a secret weapon for your next set, look no further than this collection of rising stars." - DJ Times

"Soulville EP (xlr8r)"

"Is Brooklyn in the house? This new label run by borough boys Scottie B and Sneak-E Pete brings its second multi-artist EP full of funky explorations...the shift's soulville rolls live guitar over a breakbeat house skeleton to middling effect...Solid." - xlr8r

"Crusin' EP (xlr8r)"

"New York's Scottie B and Chris Tempas produce house as The Shift when they're not busy playing live as a full band with the project. On their sixth release for Blunted Funk, the live element is represented with sax and Rhodes keyboard flourishes over thieir scissor-clipped vocals and deep-dipping bass throbs. John Larner's remix adds a hefty drum shuffle and karazee noises, plus more darn sax. I'll pop a pill and cruise to this." - xlr8r

"Crusin' EP (DJ Times)"

"The fifth release for Brooklyn based, Blunted Funk finds Scottie B and the boys doing that funky, soulful house thing that they do so well. The "Original Mix", features a simple, groovy deep house rhythm track complete with sexy bassline, vocal stabs and the freestyling of talented saxophonist, Mike DeVellis. Side B begins with a "John Larner Remix", complete with booty shaking, body rocking groove complete with funktified beats that transform this into a peak hour, house slayer. Closing things out is the utterly amazing, "Tempas Exotica Remix" which takes things in a decidedly more laid back, smooth direction. With deep keys, subtle beats and a ton of late night potential, this is a fitting conclusion to yet another Blunted Funk release." - DJ Times

"Modified Times LP (urbnet)"

"This dynamic group of six have carried the name sake which originally started with two. Scottie B & Chris Tempas held a four year position entertaining the minds of the Brooklyn folks at the Arts & Sciences at Galapagos. From two they grew to incorporate the DJ and computer based music and then live instrumentation and percussion. The Shift's sound is vibrant and fun but at times emotional. It's a joy to hear and feel a new groove in their music. Since their music is unique it possess a flair all its own. Soulville is a nice driving song. Its rolling bassline and sassy hook give it that live feel. Each of the songs ‘mix' into each other creating a story line that never ends leaving you so much to think about when you listen to the album in its entirety. Some of the emerging sounds that you will find pleasure in is the sax from Mike Devillis and guitar licks from Brian Fegan. They're so full of energy you can almost see it escaping from your speakers. Enlighten your soul and tempt the mind with a sampling from the Shift and you won't be disappointed." - urbnet


Modified Times LP – Blunted Funk Recordings
Crusin' EP – Blunted Funk Recordings
Soulville EP – Blunted Funk Recordings



Debuting at #25 on the CMJ RPM Chart, "The Shift kind of blew most of the rest of the new-music pile away." (RPM Director, WEFT - June, 2007)

The Shift combine electronic and live instrumentation over driving house-inspired beats, and funky downtempo rhythms. Starting out as an experimental live/dj act, the Brooklyn group has since evolved into a tight six-piece band.

This expanded lineup cements The Shift's stellar live show and has been featured at a series of high-profile events, including two-to-four-thousand attendance events at the D.U.M.B.O. Lunatarium, a prime spot at the Second Sunrise Festival and multiple venues in Manhattan [Lion’s Den, Ace of Clubs], and Brooklyn [Galapagos, Sputnik, Sugar Factory, Brooklyn Lyceum].

In 2004, the first of the full band's vinyl releases began to receive critical acclaim across the boards. 'Soulville' was described as "laid-back, with midtempo beats and a live-sounding feel that fans of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music should dig" (URB Magazine).

In 2005, The Shift released their next single 'Cruisn', on Blunted Funk Recordings; "...that funky soulful house thing they do so well" (DJ Times). Featuring "utterly amazing" (DJ Times) remixes by John Larner, Scottie B and Tempas, the record sold out in a matter of weeks. XLR8R Magazine described the release as "sax and Rhodes keyboard flourishes over their scissor-clipped vocals and deep-dipping bass throbs...utterly to this."

Both of these cuts appear on their first LP, 'Modified Times', where The Shift display "they have all the elements to make quality music of nearly any sort." (DJ Times)