Shin Blasting Otters

Shin Blasting Otters


The music is mostly rock oriented with a little blues and a little jam and we are very serious about performing but also in a very laid back manner with some humorous elements. We just try to have fun and convey that to the audience.


Some of our influences are Led Zeppelin, Phish, Pearl Jam, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, and The Who. We're younger but we have a more developed sense of music than most other bands. We have been playing together for about 4 years and we have all been playing our instruments for at least 6 years each. Finally, for every song, we try to feature every instrument and not leave any member in the background. We named our band after a mishap with our rhythm guitarist while he was dancing "the otter." While he was dancing he fell down and hurt his shin. Greg and Tom were talking one day during a high school class about band name's and they thought of the "Shin Blasting Otters" and it stuck.

Check out an edited video on youtube by going to this link:
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... it's not the best audio, but it's not bad either.. live is a lot better than a recording on a handycam.



Set List

We are a cover band. We have 3 primary set lists and we base our decision on the crowd and remaining time.

Our main cover songs though we can rotate some, we also have originals:

The Boys are Back In Town
One way out
Young Man Blues
Hey Hey, What can I do
Baba O'Riley
Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
Smooth Criminal
Hot Cookin'
Smoke on the Water
Magic Carpet Ride
Whole Lotta Love
Funk #49