The Shindig Addicts

The Shindig Addicts


The Shindig Addicts are a female fronted Punk Rock band who take influences from the 90's and put a special twist on it. Catchy songs with a heavy beat all topped off with an extreme amount of live energy.


The Shindig Addicts is an East London based Rock / Alternative / Pop band with a difference. Comprising of members who count bands such as No Doubt, Metalica and The Beatles as influences, they effortlessly write songs which cut straight to the heart with unforgettable melodies and resonating lyrics. Not afraid to explore new sounds and styles with one foot in the past, The Shindig Addicts have made their purpose, an oxymoron of sound. To see them live is to experience joy at discovering a musical force with potential to make their mark on British music industry. Front woman Joan conjures images of Karen O had she been brought up on rice and peas! Mesmerising to watch, she will take your hand with her generous performance and lead you through the at times surreal world of The Shindig Addicts. The Shindig Addicts have fun on stage and their infectious attitude can’t help but spread to the audience.


Debut EP 'The Intervention' available on iTunes

First single 'The Intervention' released alongside music video.

Set List

Set-List :

1 Stop Haiting, Start Procreating

2 The Intervention

3 Favourite Pain

4 Hardly Wait (PJ Harvey Cover)

5 Same Soil Different Tree

6 My Friend

7 Not Long Now