Roots Rock - A genre that can only begin to describe the diversity of theShiners music. Roots Rock is a genre of music that draws on early rock and roll, country music or country rock, and other related forms such as folk, Celtic and blues music.


Seaway Valley roots-rock group The Shiners are set to pre-release their second full length album Not Alone, scheduled for November 12, 2011 at noon. The album was recorded and produced in Cornwall, Ontario by Glenn Forrester and The Shiners. Following the success of their debut Happy Now, the band discussed future recordings and began gathering new material. After dozens of songs and song ideas were written, and boiled down, the direction and core for the new project was revealed.

“The last time it was a lot like going through an orchard and picking the best fallen apples from different trees,” says singer/guitarist Eric Willison, “and even then, we were certainly very happy with the results. This time, we collaborated and inspired each other, and we’re still picking fallen fruit, but from the same variety of tree.”

With Americana and Canadiana at the heart of their music, the band enjoys the influence of East Coast and classic country. Not Alone brings back Glengarry famed Ashley MacLeod on fiddle and cello, and adds Newfoundland born Greg T. Brown on fiddle and accordion. Both reinforce the roots-rock mosaic that defines the Shiners’ sound. Compared with the likes of Steve Earle and Blue Rodeo, and drawing on groups like the Band and the Cardinals, Shiners’ bassist Joel Labrosse adds “right now, this is exactly where we want to be.”

Willison, Labrosse and drummer Jason Collis were recently featured nationally on CTV Morning where they were interviewed and performed the first single Hurry Up and Take It Slow. Preliminary touring and support will continue into early 2012 leading up to a regional home-coming concert to celebrate the new CD.

This Saturday November 12th, the eagerly anticipated sophomore album from The Shiners will be available to fans digitally from the band's website and on iTunes.


Not Alone, 2011
Happy Now, 2006