The Shinigans

The Shinigans

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The Shinigans are an exciting, young traditional Irish band that has played all over Milwaukee since forming in 2005 as Marquette students. The band adds elements of American folk, bluegrass, rock, and funk to its traditional Irish sound.


The Shinigans formed in 2005 as a group of Marquette University students. Each of the members brought their unique musical backgrounds to the band, adding American folk, bluegrass, rock, and funk influences to the Celtic sound.

The band has played all over town, including Mo's in downtown and Wauwatosa, Derry Hegarty's, McBob's, The Irish Pub on Water Street, Paddy's Pub, and at the Rave as a pre-show act for Gaelic Storm. The group's yearly highlight is Milwaukee's Irish Fest, where the band has played since 2005. The band has primarily played at the Harp and Pub Garden States, but would be interested in adding new stages.

The group's youthful take on traditional Irish music separates it from other groups.

Artists who inspire The Shinigans include Old Blind Dogs and Gaelic Storm.


2008 - Throw It In The Water