The Shining Skulls

The Shining Skulls

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Lush psychedelic-pop-rock with a kinetic two guitar attack. Propulsive rhythms pound beneath waves of harmony rich vocals. The spacious, anxious rock of OK Computer era Radiohead meets the frenetic right angles of The Dismemberment Plan. Sprinkle in some Pixies and classic British pop rock to taste.


The Shining Skulls was founded in Seattle, WA by Benjamin Trimpe (producer/multi-instrumentalist) and Andrew Bailey (guitarist/singer) in late 2008. Soon thereafter they were joined by Jordan Cassidy (bassist/singer).

The band derived its name from the Skull Shining breathing technique, a form of purposeful hyperventilation often associated with yoga. "The idea is to alter the normal cadence of breathing," explains Trimpe, "It can transform the simple act of breathing into a strange species of head-rush."

Fans who have seen the Skulls perform live can attest that their extremely tight, dynamic stage show is a head-buzzing and face melting experience.

For the first few years of the band's existence, their live show was The Shining Skulls' calling card. Three part harmonies soared above waves of ear-tickling sonics. Gentle ballads took unexpected left turns into booty shakin' funk. A new form of rock began to take shape. Delighting fans, patrons, and staff alike at nearly every venue, they quickly became a go-to act for many Seattle area venues.

Right about the time drummer Keith Greer joined, the band decided to go back into the studio. They already had a self-produced EP under their belts and they wanted to up the ante. Days later the Skulls began work on a ambitious LP.

Bailey and Trimpe rented a house in Ballard, transformed the basement into a makeshift recording studio, and Trimpe took on the roles of engineer and producer. In those modest environs the essence of the album began to take shape. A self-described perfectionist, Trimpe learned the engineering and production role on the job, often tinkering for days and weeks on end in search of inspired sounds and textures. On more than one occasion he discarded finished album tracks that were not up to snuff, requesting that the band reconvene to retrack the song in its entirety. After more than 7 months of recording and production, The Shining Skulls finished their first LP.

During the recording process, the band set its sights on creating of an album that was more than just a collection of hopeful singles. Set against the bar-code backdrop of modern working-class America, the album was also to be a document of change, emotional transformation, and eventual freedom of the self.

“The entire idea of Destroy Your Self is the idea that what we often take to be the self, is not the self at all,” says Trimpe. “As a society we often have a screwed up sense of what the self is. We feel entitled to answers and in turn, we attach our beliefs and feelings of personal value to all of these arbitrary things that are completely separate from the self. In doing so, we give all of our own power away. I think that in order to achieve some kind of happiness in life you kind of have to let go and rip all that shit down.“

Written by the entire band, the "Destroy Your Self" was released in August, 2011. Equal parts tender beauty and frantic rage, DYS embraces rock classicism and futurism simultaneously, sounding somehow familiar yet never tipping its hat as to what comes next. Melodies and subtle texture weave elegantly through songs that explore subject matter from love and sex (“The Static in Between, ”Pipeline”) to the hollow comforts of 21st century America (“Pretty People,” “Provided by the Management”). DYS is available at several mom and pop record stores in the Seattle Metro area as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Bandcamp and CD Baby.

The Shining Skulls plan to release a string of their more radio friendly singles sometime in the upcoming months.

By coupling a fierce DIY production philosophy with a casual rejection of the idea of "cool", The Shining Skulls have been able to detach themselves from the taste makers and trends and focus on the what really makes a band a band. The music.


Provided by the Management (For Your Protection)

Written By: The Shining Skulls

I don't care what they’re yelling about
I’m self aware and literate they’re just idiots

I don't tend to follow them around
Toy soldiers manning the lines
For bat shit crazy governing machines
They’re just scared of losing everything

And on and on it goes

Pretty People

Written By: The Shining Skulls

My legs are tired my head's on fire
My blood has pooled all bored and dried
I’ve been around the world and I seen it all
Make no mistakes I have been misled
but sympathies are lost on girls who said
we’d be better off dead
You keep it clean and you pay on time
leaving here never crossed your mind

Pretty people lost in hallways
cubicles and elevators
Step outside the clouds are clearing
Solar falls upon our faces
We explore the secret places
Trumpets ring throughout the ages
Let us found a royal nation
Kings and queens who just

Wanna get by, or something like that
Gonna get high there's still mystery in the rhythm


Written By: The Shining Skulls

In the dead of night
They came despite your denial
Trampled in the blades of grass
say your prayers and kiss your ass goodbye


as they pound you into dust
you still wonder if they’re messin around
these are just the facts of live
toss you out better sink or swim


anytime at all - anytime with no warning


Written By: The Shining Skulls

Where have all the good times gone?
I just know that anyone could tell that I fucked up.
Eating less and sleeping in, losing faith in casual sin
everyone I meet ‘s a joke i think this shit’s passe

i’d like to kiss your wife, but she says the grass is always greener here
and he’s never there
i’ve become a mountain man, lost within a distant land
climbing but not going anywhere
take me anywhere

maybe aliens, will someday be impressed
who are we to blame? someone i forget

and when we come down, falling like a star
when your song is over, its over

you can destroy yourself

Such a Bloody Girl

Written By: The Shining Skulls

I awoke today in the most ordinary way, everything in its place
But something wasn’t right, it seemed to me too little light
Had made its way through the shades...into my life
At 11:24 there was knocking at my door, an officer with questions
And a fuckload of suggestions

He said you should read the paper boy, you keep yourself informed
Do yourself a favor and forget the way she. The way she
Never seemed to miss a beat, always nestled perfectly in the tiny
space between you and yourself

She’s got blood on her hands, she been jumping the fence again and so on
There no proper defense from how such a story ends…she’s gone

Flipping Pages

Written By: The Shining Skulls

All my memories are buried
in a busy maze of urban boredom
Feeding from a silver spoon
now everyone is scared about the future

Nothings gonna please me
release me

And I’m feeling, so strung out inside.
I don't mind
On a freeway, far away from home
I don't know

Try to read between the lines
of digital mass communication
In my mind its all a blur
I’m flipping pages through your expectations

And I’m feeling, so strung out inside.
I don't mind
On a freeway, far away from home
I don't know

The Static in Between

Written By: The Shining Skulls

You wanna come with me and blow this scene?
Cuz there is nothing here, there is nothing here no no
I think it’s by design
With a righteous sleight of hand we fly
To the center of the city, the center of the city tonight
Maybe it’s all a dream
Just wake me, before it, it all gets, too complex
Just kiss me, just kiss me, before you complicate it

Into the bye and bye, lock step
Into the perfumed dark where eyes go large
No real you, no real me
The truth is far too heavy
Just kiss me, just kiss me, before you complicate it

It’s you and, it’s me and
The static in between and
I swear that this…is a dream
Just wake me, before it, it all gets, too complex
Just kiss me, just kiss me
Before you complicate it
It’s not so complicated
Though morning makes you hate it
It’s not so complicated

For Everyone

Written By: The Shining Skulls

Kill the lights hit the music make the kids listen
keep your car seats snug tight
im a hero and a zero make some money fuck the music
every words’ an insight

but we all know when its a lie
nothing to eat you up inside
play us another stupid song
something that speaks for everyone

and i can see the gates of hell, nothing left to sell
im just banking on a miracle

but we all know when its a lie
nothing to eat you up inside
play us another stupid song
something that speaks for everyone

for everyone


Written By: The Shining Skulls

Swam from shore on a little red board
mellow grade on my mind, taking time
Feel myself unwind,
deep within the brine of a pipeline
We can pass time again
where all is green and alien
Troubles will unwind,
deep within the brine of a pipeline
Salt in sand glitter like stars
that have never done a line...sublime

Kiss the Girls

Written By: Benjamin Trimpe & Jordan Cassidy

Lovely long locks hanging over me
Drunk everyday and no alarm clocks
The office only kills you I think so
Call your boss and tell her anything at all
And by morning we'll fade into Mexico

And here's to life I guess
It's here. Now. In Progress.
Stay up late and always kiss the girls

When your skin fits you too tight and
You can't breathe the air
Here's a get out of hell free card
First class anywhere

And here's to life I guess
It's here. Now. In Progress.
Stay up late and always kiss the girls

Here's to life


Self Titled EP - 2010
Destroy Your Self LP - 2011

Radio airplay on the following tracks
For Everyone