The SH!T

The SH!T

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The SH!T is a Hip Hop collaboraton of rhymes and beats by Phoenix AZ based artists Sourpuss and ianfluence. Leaning heavily on the classic elements, the two rely on an ecclectic array of keyboards, MPCs, drum-machines, and samples to produce their sound.


Originally making music under the banner SHORTBUS with several other Phoenix artists, the SH!T is the brainchild of former members Sourpuss and ianfluence who started the group in 2007. Together the two cover a vast range of sounds and topics.

Making mixtapes and constantly performing live, The SH!T has played shows extensively throughout the Phoenix area as well as California and Nevada/the southwest coast. Opening for such acts as: Drunken Immortals, Too Short, Aceyalone, Planet Asia, Strong Arm Steady, Open Mike Eagle, The Insects, Afro Classics, Ryhmesayers Ent., Slaughterhouse, Pigeon John, and on and on and on.... Known for their live performances, they have long worked as fluffers for the underground movers and shakers who are pushing to the surface.

They cite classic hip-hop crews like 3rd, Public Enemy, and A Tribe Called Quest as sonic guideposts and the relationship with their label, Earsweat, has a similar group feel. Currently they are stacking tracks for a to be announced album.


MIXTAPES by Sourpuss and ianfluence:

idiot SAVANT
idiot SAVANT deuce
idiot SAVANT iii
why we cant have nice things

Set List

Sets for the SHiT are usually 20- 40 mins long but vary widely by venue and by spot in the lineup. Between the two artists in the band there is enough material to custom make unique sets for different environments, giving them broad range and adaptability.