The Shivtaz

The Shivtaz

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3 emcees and 1 DJ , lyrics with a message , music with an entirely fresh vibe,a trio of skilled lyricists who bring energy on stage and originality to the studio.Old school format fresh new sound no two songs sound the same and not one song will remind you of someone else.


SHIVTAZ (shif-tas) Meaning -to shift and shape words and lyrics to adapt to any beat, tempo, or topic.We change the game by testing the limits of hardcore lyrics, off the wall eclectic beats, even political and social issues.Unlike alot of hip hop acts, we write, record, produce and mix all of our music , a team of emcees who command the crowd at live shows, and don't rap over our own lyrics.We have been together since the dawn of the new millinium 1999.Our biggest influences are NOTORIOUS B.I.G ,Outkast , Jay-Z ,The Beastie Boys, L.L. Cool J, RUN DMC, and, Wu Tang


Logical Warefare LP
Stank Finga EP
Green Hero EP A tribute to the soldiers in Iraq

Set List

We have an hour to 90 minutes of all original music.We have a wide variety and a large assortment of songs to pick from . DJ Mayhem keeps the music spinnin in between sets. The Shivtaz keep the crowd on its toes with spontanius freestylesand interludes.
Yea Yea Yea
Mayhems Rapsidy
Hell No
Move People
You and Me
Lyrics for Champions
Coo Whiteboy
Perfect Timing
Carbon Copy
The Mic