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"Great pop-rock sound with energized guitar riffs. Sounds like Elvis Costello on speed!"

Keith Hannaleck
Talent Fusion
- Keith Hannaleck -

"The New Sound..."

"The Shoreline "is" the new sound of music. The band's dynamic and raw abilities are off the charts!!"

Darryl Phenneger
Gold Album Producer for
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Darryl Phenneger

"A Neat Little Package"

A few components for a great band are relatable music, sincerity in the lyrics, and a passion that comes from the knowledge the band is doing something they truly love. These things, wrapped up in a neat little package, are a group called The Shoreline: young, fresh, and entertaining musicians with a soul for musical storytelling. Layers of depth translate from each song into each member's performance. It's hard not to really like these guys. With smiles on their faces, they will pull you into their world and their fans proudly follow. No egos, no drama just four hard working young guys who are out there because they love it. Like all bands, The Shoreline just want to be heard. The difference with this group is that they are grateful for everything that comes their way. These are the good guys. They are hard-working, sincere, and dedicated band-mates who shove aside any unnecessary drama to get the job done. Their songs resonate from deep within and their passion, focus, and drive shine brightly for all to admire.

KeyLight Inc.
Producers for "Caroline" Music Video - KeyLight, Inc.

"The Shoreline"

AUGUSTA, GA - The poppy sound of newcomers the Shoreline is redolent with sweet hooks and catchy beats. The "Out of Nowhere" EP delivers five of the best tracks by this up-and-coming band.

Similar to such successful Emo bands as Fall Out Boy and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Warped Tour guests the Shoreline mix the soft emotions so common in the genre with thumping drums and knock-out guitars that have launched recent bands into stardom. The Shoreline’s chances are just as good.

Well produced, clean and energetic, Out of Nowhere has the familiar trademark of successful pop music but with the tiniest bit of an underground edge. And though the music may not jump out as musically diverse, the Shoreline do add enough of their own blend of interesting vocals and complex guitar work to stand at least a few feet apart from their contemporaries.

To the untrained ear, the Shoreline would blend in with the legions of nameless Emo bands on the radio but tricky, clever little nuances break the boys free from the mundane and show a hidden originality that will give them the upper hand in years to come.

DINO LULL - Dino Lull -

"Sonicbids Allstars"

This up-and coming band has put a twist on alternative music. Their upbeat, memorable songs (like “Caroline”) make everyone who listens want to sing along. The Shoreline’s debut EP, ‘Out of Nowhere,’ delivers exactly what the audience desires: five consecutive hit songs.

Even though they are new to the musical world, The Shoreline makes no excuses. In one year they released their first EP and played at one of the most reputable cross-country shows: Warped Tour (they played in 2008). Do not expect them to disappear quickly; they should be relevant for quite some time.

Samantha Ponoroff - Samantha Ponoroff -

"The Shoreline Breaks!"

The Shoreline has certainly made one of the most surprising launches I have ever seen. Earning themselves over 200,000 plays in a mere month of their myspace going up, they have proven their ability to showcase the talent that makes up The Shoreline. Their sound is catchy and original, upbeat and exciting. The guys in the band aren't just sound but all around great guys. I had the privilage to shoot the band for their "coming out". They had me laughing the whole time. I found it difficult to bring the camera up to snap a shot for just a second. In all seriousness though, they were sincere and great to be around. Their jokes will have you peeing your pants and their personalities will make you feel all giddy inside. [laughs] I'm happy to have made these gentlemen my friends and I look forward to doing many more shots with them down the road! Keep an eye out and see what washes up on The Shoreline. - Gage Young Photography

"The Shoreline Interview / Giveaway"

EastScene interviewed up-and-commers The Shoreline, who are about to drop their first album Out of Nowhere on September 27th. This powerpop quartet have only been together since February, but already have a video out. Singer Jose explains how and why.

Also, read to the end to find out how one lucky winner has the chance to win a Shoreline prize pack!

EastScene: Hi Jose, how’s it going?

Jose: Good, good and yourself?

ES: Not too bad. So your band, The Shoreline, tell me about it?

Jose: Good, we are a sweet pop rock band from Orlando, Florida. We got together in the beginning of February 2008 and we’ve been rocking it ever since.

ES: Only February?

Jose: Yep. Like the 12th or so.

ES: Most bands don’t usually have a demo recorded in 7 months, nevermind a video.

Jose: Yeah. Me and JFunk, our bass player, used to be in a band around here called Letterperfect, and we learned a lot. We decided we wanted to make a band come from out of nowhere really fast, so we got to work and made it happen. That’s why the title of our album is “Out of Nowhere”.

ES: So this isn’t your first attempt in music then?

Jose: No, I myself have been in several bands since I was 16. And I’ve grown a lot as a musician; so have all the guys.

ES: Did you all know each other before joining this band, or was it a matter of random connections?

Jose: Yeah, we all knew each other. What happened was that I called Craig (drums) one day and I was like “Dude, I have a sweet idea for this band!” and he was like, “Let’s do it”. Then I called JFunk and he said “Why not? I love jamming with you guys.” Then we got Evan. But he’s decided to part ways with us right now. So we picked up the old guitar player of Letterperfect, his name is Bud. He’s amazing!

ES: Will he be staying with you? I noticed that on your Myspace page, your guitar player is just a bunch of question marks.

Jose: Haha, yeah. That’s our retarded way of “suspense”. He’ll be up this weekend with a really sweet pic of him.

ES: Now you already have an album coming out. What can we expect of it?

Jose: Yes yes! “Out of Nowhere” will be out September. 23rd electronically. You can expect hard rhythms and heartfelt vocals that will make you go back to that summer love that went away for some reason or the other, with hope of reconnecting at the end of the record with the track “Wave and Sea Are One”.

ES: Is it coming out in disc form as well? I know that digital is the way to go right now, but for all those hardcore liner-note fans.

Jose: Haha, yeah it’ll be out on CD form. You’ll be able to get it through us or Amazon, CD Baby, Smartpunk, etc.

ES: And is there a tour accompanying this release?

Jose: Most definitely a Florida tour is to follow this release. We might hook up with other bands after the release tour to go further north. As of now though, Florida tour for sure!

ES: What can concertgoers expect from your set?

Jose: They can expect an all out party! We rock the stage hard and if you come to our show with 5 of your friends, make sure to stop by our merch table because we will give you a free t-shirt.

ES: That is an awesome idea!

Jose: Thanks! We like to reward our fans that spread the word. They deserve it, without them we’d be nothing!

ES: After the release, what’s next for The Shoreline?

Jose: Well after touring for a while we plan to record a new album with 10-12 tracks on it. We are already writing like crazy for it! We feel that we have to keep writing and moving forward. Also we are in the process of figuring out a new music video! You’ll find out later for what song it is for.

ES: You said you’ve been playing for a while now. What made you go, “Hey, I think music is the right choice for me?”

Jose: Well ever since I was like 8, I’ve known. I used to sing salsa music in Venezuela, where I’m from. Always loved to sing, it’s the best high ever!

ES: But salsa is nowhere close to what you’ve got going now. What did you listen to while growing up?

Jose: Believe it or not, I’m a huge ska fan!! That’s what got me to listen to rock. I started listening to bands like Incubus. Then I transitioned into bands like Taking Back Sunday, Green Day, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, We The Kings…I actually know Travis from We The Kings. We went to the same college; I met him at the library getting books.

ES: That is indeed a sweet story.

Jose: Yeah we played a couple of shows together back in 2005 or so.

ES: Your favorite ska band?

Jose: My fave ska band would have to be Less Than Jake, for sure!

ES: Did you play at Warped Tour as well?

Jose: Yes, we played Warped this year. We were lucky enough that our wonderful fans voted for us to get on there. We love you guys so much! Thanks for all your support!

ES: Awesome man. It’s what music is all about, right?

Jose: Yep. The fans are the lifeblood of music.

ES: Alright, before we wrap this up, what you got to say to everyone who will read this?

Jose: Please, please please!! Take a second to listen to us and let us know if you like it or not. We are gonna be on the Purevolume front page starting September 22nd so make sure you guys come check us out on there. Thank you for reading and be safe!

ES: Thanks for your time Jose.

Jose: Thank you for yours!

ES: Anytime!

Not only are we excited for their album, but EastScene bets that you are too. So excited in fact, that you just can’t wait to spread the word about, am I right? Of course. So just for you, EastScene has partnered up with The Shoreline to bring to you an EXCLUSIVE prize pack from the band. What’s the catch, you ask? Simple. Just copy and paste the banner below to communities, pages, anywhere you want. Each post is one entry. BUT you have to link us each post, so it will count. The last day to enter will be October 1st, 2008, at 11:59 PM Eastern. Post your entries below in the comments. Good luck to all!


"The Shoreline Out of Nowhere EP"

The Shoreline-Out of nowhere EP (Independent) 2008
Laced with catchy melodies and clever lyrics, The Shoreline's debut album 'Out of Nowhere', recorded by Daryl Phenegar (Gold Album producer for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), delivers an exciting, pulse-pounding rush of pop rock. It reflects a strong and mature band, even though they have only been together for mere months!
Set to Release in September 2008 independently, the album features the tracks "Give it up to us," and the all too catchy ballad "Listen". There are bright and catchy melodies abound, but songs like "Wave and Sea" and "Can you feel?" also feature razor-sharp rhythms and ultra-clean transitions. The production is crystal clear, which accentuates the band’s simple writing style and memorable lyrics.

For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Boys Night Out and Cute Is What We Aim For - RothnRoll

"CD Release"

Local powerpop band The Shoreline is celebrating the release of their new CD "Out of Nowhere," featuring the single "Caroline," which is pretty much a desperate plea to an ex-girlfriend. Hey, guys have feelings too, you know? Let that be a lesson; beware of a scorned lover with a band. The Shoreline formed less than a year ago, but they already have a cohesive, catchy sound, with driving melodies and powerful vocals by frontman Jose Solorzano. (Man, he really misses that Caroline.) With [Broadway], Amely and Sparky's Flaw.


Caroline EP (single, February 2008)
Out of Nowhere (EP, September 2008)



Laced with catchy melodies and clever lyrics, The Shoreline's debut EP 'Out of Nowhere', recorded by Gold Album producer Daryl Phenegar (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), delivers an exciting, pulse-pounding rush of pop rock. The album has the same maturity, texture, and energy as the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Paramore.

Released September 23, 2008 independently, the album features the tracks "Give it up to us," and the all too catchy ballad "Listen". There are bright and catchy melodies abound, but songs like "Wave and Sea Are One" and "Can You Feel?" also feature razor-sharp rhythms and ultra-clean transitions. The production is crystal clear, which accentuates the band’s simple writing style and memorable lyrics. These guys appear to be able to write ready-made singles at the drop of a pin, as evidenced by "Caroline." Overall, The Shoreline gives fans what they want with 'Out of Nowhere.'

With over 4.8 million plays on myspace, they boast the appeal of pop rock energy unified with polished, savvy songwriting and musicianship that truly characterizes the title of their EP, 'Out of Nowhere.' Warped Tour 2008, the band played their very first show and came holstering an arsenal of sonic masterpieces. With a world at their fingertips, The Shoreline is poised to make waves throughout the music world.

For press or booking inquiries, please contact Steve Alexander for Pandora Records (