The Short Attention Span

The Short Attention Span


They have absorbed the teachings of the masters of Blues, Rock, Reggae, R& B, and Jazz. They have cultivated their own unique sound, they have stepped out of the mundane music box and developed music that grabs everyone’s attention.


Here it is..we are in our mid 20's and like a million other bands we work our daytime jobs and practice when we get home and play on the weekends. What sets us apart? Whenever we matter the size of the event or the venue.. someone is always moved, impressed or wants to know more. We dont try to emulate popular bands or focus on a specific sound. We just have fun and play, it comes though with our music and it energizes us and the audience. The majority of our set list are originals and the covers we do play we make our own.


Demo- Pay Attention

Set List

1. Jimmy Brown Eyes
2. Tuesday
3. Memorial Day
4. Hate Eraser
5. Electric Lebanon
6. Carry Me
7. Selfishness
8. Bathroom Floor
9. Pay Attention
10. Suckers on the FM
11. Don’t You Ever
12. Worthlessness
13. Just a Little Bit
14. Patient
15. Halo*
16. RJ shuffle
17. Slow Jam G
18. Do Do
1. Skynard- I know a little
2. oliver sain- Soul Serenade
3. albert Collins- Collins Shuffle
4. The Ocean - Zepplin
5. Howlin Wolf - Gimme Back My Wig
6. Rolling Stones - Midnight Rambler
7. Chuck Berry -Johnny B Goode
8. Big Bill Broonzy –Have a good time
9. The Commitments- Mustang Sally
10. Muddy Waters- King Bee
11. Junior Wells- Messin w/ Kid
12. Albert King- Born Under a Bad Sign*