The Short Bus Bandits

The Short Bus Bandits


We're a band from York, PA that combines a mix of Ska, Punk, and some Hardcore.


We started in May 2005 with guitarist Andy and drummer Steven wanting to start a punk band influenced by Bouncing Souls. We practiced covers all summer until we got a vocalist named Nick, who brought many different influences in like Leftover Crack and Against All Authority. We did more covers until we got a bassist in November who was influenced by a very big variety of bands, like Blink 182 and Reel Big Fish, although they don't take part in our sound. After Jeremy joined the band, we started writing our own material. Our first song was We Want The Airwaves written by Andy and Steven. We continuted to keep writing songs and practicing a lot until our very first show at West York Cafe in York, PA on February 17, 2006. We played shows all summer until Jeremy quit the band because of different musical tasted and Grant Rosul came in the band bringing in influences like Blitz and The Business to give us a new sound, with more varied bass lines. The thing that seperated us apart from other bands is our ability to combine many different types of music and still make it sound good.


Some D'eet EP released June 2006. Limited quantitys. $5.00 Track listing: Always Be Here, Bloodshed In Baghdad, War War, Freedom, Revolution

Set List

Always Be Here
Bloodshed In Baghdad
War War
Middle Class Ignorance
And Still We Fight
Corporal Fury
Going Nowhere