THE SHOTS "energetic, entertaining, fun party music without the salt and lemon"


THE SHOTS are from New Jersey and perform regularly in the New York tri-state area. Their unique blend of instrumentation, arrangements, presentation and musical sytles come together in an unforgettable versatile show.

THE SHOTS play originals and also cover classic rock, R & B, funk, blues, New Orleans sound and celtic funk. THE SHOTS believe in keeping their audience entertained while providing great party music. They like to keep true to the original groove of the covers they play, but are not afraid to add a "twist" to their music. By incorporating some world instruments like the Australian didgeridoo into some of their funky tunes, the bagpipes to a Ramones song or throwing out Mardi Gras beads during a New Orleans medley they make old favorites sound fresh and exciting while involving the audience.

THE SHOTS' influences are simply great music by great musicians. Everything from James Brown to Led Zeppelin. And they prove it by sequeing from "Sex Machine" into "Ocean." THE SHOTS put everything they have into every show. They are entertainers and use props and humor to make their sets exciting and fun for their audiences. A SHOTS' performance is a high energy, non stop party!


Lenny's reggae bagpipe tune, "The Rasta Piper" recently won second place in the world music category of the 13th annual Billboard Song Writing Competition. THE SHOTS recording of "The Rasta Piper" will be included on a compiliation CD of the competition's winners.

THE SHOTS are featured on the Bergen County Firefighters Pipe Band CD, "Dirty Hose." The CD is available at and has had world wide exposure. Their music has been played on college radio and Scottish internet radio shows.

Set List

THE SHOTS can play sets from 30 minutes to 2 hours and are flexible to fit the requirements of the venue.

Introduction - didgeridoo tribal groove
Soul Makousa
Lady Madonna
Doing it to Death
Sex Machine
With or Without You (with pipes)
Celtic Medley (rocking pipes)
The Rasta Piper (original)
Amazing Grace medley (funky pipes)
Iko Iko
I Put a Spell on You
No More Guinness (original)
It's a long way to the top to Rock and Roll
Rainy Day Women #12 & #35
Sing a Simple Song
Play that Funky Music White Boy
I Wanna Be Sedated (with pipes)