"The Shots"

"The Shots"

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Very Raw loud and distorted. Beautiful garbage.


"The Shots" are an American rock band formed in Sumter , South Carolina in 2011. After local Lead Guitarist Grady Holland and Rhythm Guitarist /Vocalist Alex Corley met Bassist Brad Barwick and Drummer Chad Barwick through a friend Kevin Landon Osteen . The band's birth was established with a composition of originals that would later be known as 'Alone', 'Live Once' , 'Put Me In The Shade', 'This Life' , 'Never Done A Damn Thing Right' 'What They Want' , 'Remember This' and other singles that have remained hidden for the 2012 album. They have produced a number of 3 demo albums to date and are currently working on a new album for 2012. "The Shots" have used their own management and production skills for most recordings, another local artist, "Christian Gallop" aided in the production of a handful of "The Shots" singles,one of these songs being the infamous "Keep Talking". The music composed resembles a classical style of rock music, their influences range from many bands that existed before they were even born. Prior to the bands establishment, original songs were written and then later produced in the "Garage"..

The band has been recognized for their weekly performances at local parties and "Pizza Lane" in Sumter . In 2011 their debut year proved successful at performing at venues. On June 9th 2011 "The Shots" performed with national touring bands (School Boy Humor, The Answered, Taylor Thrash) at the Elk's lodge in their hometown of Sumter. The band continued to perform locally while composing more originals that eventually became known as 'Truth For A Nowaday' , 'tell you tomorrow' and 'By God' . Continuing on there music fueled path, the band performed at 'Pizza Lane' for 9 months straight before taking a break on performing for recording new material. Conflict became present months later when Rhythm Guitarist/ Vocalist Alex Corley had difficulties getting to recording sessions and rehearsals due to personal difficulties. Eventually Alex Corley parted from the band on positive terms with the members. With three members left The Shots Drummer Chad Barwick took over on vocals, along with the new position he presented new songs.

The band has offered many of the songs for airplay consideration, but were rejected several times. This is not where the band stopped, the new year settled in and New and Older songs were recorded for a more updated sound. The Shots would then later perform at The New Brookland Tavern in Columbia South Carolina on a New Music Night on February 22nd. During the next month The Shots would then perform at Habitat For Humanity's Battle Of The Bands on April 14th 2012, the band ran through a random set list in Sumter's Civic Center, where the trio have always wanted to perform. A few days later on April 16th They returned to the NBT to perform in a set with local bands Robot Plant & Broken Innocence. Thus The Shots have started networking their music into Columbia outside of their hometown of Sumter, time will only tell what else is in store for their future.. The rock band currently resides here in Sumter and some members graduated from sumter Sumter High School on june 2, 2012, Bassist Brad Barwick and Drummer Chad Barwick. Currently the band is finished with their 2012 album titled "The Shots 'Rock & Roll" with 13 tracks, containing new songs and older songs from the past that were re-recorded. Currently they are working on a new compilation and will be releasing new singles throughout the months.

Set List

Keep Talking
Miserable Life
The Na Na Song
Craving On Booze
Live Once
More Reasons You Can't Handle
Remember This
Loaded Gun
By God
Never Done A Damn Thing Right
Nothings Done Right
Wake Up Call
Everythings' Alright
Broken Homes
Tell You Tomorrow
Seeing You Again
Lies And Values
Say It Ain't So(cover)
About A Girl(cover)
In Bloom (cover)
Running Down A Dream(cover)
Just What I needed (cover)
Born To Be Wild(cover)
Learn To Fly (cover)
The Pretender(cover)