The Shout Aways

The Shout Aways


The Shout Aways are an energetic alternative band from Midland, MI. Their catchy vocals, soulful guitars, hard-hitting rhythym section, and charismatic live shows combine to provide their fans with a unique and enjoyable musical experience.


The Shout Aways were formed in Midland, MI during the summer of 2009 by Caleb Knight, Philip Beard, Andy Beaudoin, Wes Walker, and Nick Kivi. Coming from different backgrounds and different musical influences, the band combined to form a sound that lies somewhere between the joyful melodies of Vampire Weekend and the soulful feel of Band of Horses; a sound that is truly their own. The band made its first few appearances playing outside of a local Starbucks, trying to raise money to send vocalist Caleb off to study Theatre at Interlochen Arts Academy boarding school for his senior year. These attempts proved succesful, and as Andy and Wes left for college, the band seemed to have come to a temporary stop. As they parted ways, all of the members agreed that they would do what they could to continue writing music and playing shows, now that they had finally found the musical connection they had all been looking for. But, after playing a few more concerts together over breaks, the band decided that they were not content to just play shows every few months, and Caleb decided to return to Midland for his final semester. The band is constantly writing new muisc and has shows lined up at multiple places, including the largely recognized venue, The Crofoot, in Detroit.


Three Song Demo:
Anything At All
As Fast As You Can
Falling Up

Set List

(Heart and Soul of a) Giant
Anything At all
Untitled No. 19
As Fast As You Can
Falling Up
One More Place To Rest

This is a 30 minute set.

Covers We Have Played:
Fluorscent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys
Lake Michigan- Rogue Wave
Great Salt Lake- Band of Horses
Gravity Rides Everything- Modest Mouse
Trashcan- Delta Spirit

Any of these can be added, and if all are added, the set time will increase 30 minutes.