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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Hip Hop EDM


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""Caramel Madness""

Hip Hop music meets Latin flavour in this powerful debut single by L. Vision. Strong lyrics and passionate rhythm combine to create this new dance friendly masterpiece.

Featuring Chilean singer Latinaza along side Toronto's street sensation 2win Warrea Trillagy, this sensual song paints a pristine picture of pure pleasure, travel, wealth, romance and dance. Through Spanish infused beats under clever lyrics and smooth flow, these images culminate to reproduce the spark that ignites on the dance-floor during that first touch between potential lovers.

L. Vision has participated in over 15 shows, 19 mix tapes, and 5 urban musicals. He was a finalist in Toronto's largest rap competitions to date and is ready for radio.

Latinaza is best known for her many strong performances within the Latin communities of both Toronto and Chile.

2win comes into the project with the experience of thousands of mixtape sales under his belt.

Caramel Madness is set to target the Hip Hop scene, Latin community and Club Crowd as Vision embarks on the mission of sharing his music with the world.


"Caramel Madness"

Lyrics: C. Davis
Production: Hustle Beats
Performed by: the SHOW DOCTOR, Latinaza and 2WIN WARREA TRILLAGY
Recorded and mixed at: Show Doctor Sound Services
Mastered by: Phil Demetro @ The Lacquer Channel -

""Clinton Davis is the Show Doctor""

He says he is here to put the “show” back into Hip Hop; he wants to make it more fun. However, he's not interested in “clown rap” or becoming a “cookie-cutter party rapper”. The Show Doctor is about rising from struggle and enjoying the precious moments life has to offer.
His debut release, The End Of Being Broke reflects on his despair, hustle, intensity and ambition in his ascension to a life of comfort.
To him, being broke is not merely a thinly laced money clip, “It's having a shattered spirit, one who's will had been broken”.
Having been thrust onto the streets of Toronto in 2000 over excruciating circumstances involving deceit, backstabbing and the impending birth of his daughter, Davis then vowed never to go back.
But he has gone back, in a way.
He has returned to help embattled youth the way he wished more elders were there to help him find a stronger path along the way.
Davis has used his music to bring awareness to issues from HIV awareness, to teen pregnancy, to politics and poverty. His new album stays true to these messages. In songs like Go Ask Alice and Never Lose Your Way, he wears his heart on his sleeve, inviting his listeners to learn from his trials and tribulations, hoping that it may help at least one person avoid some of the pitfalls that trapped him in his younger days.
The Show Doctor hits the road to promote the album with the message that he “wants it to be the end of being broke for everyone. We're all rich.”

For more information, please visit:

- Mohammed Ali Aumeer, Ryerson Press

""Sway Was There""

"Metro Hall was the scene of the Urban Youth Showcase. As part of International Youth Week, the Youth Action Network, a not-for-profit, youth-for-youth charitable organization to benefit young people to get active in the social and environmental movement, hosted this event that included performances by Street Dreama, Heavy Steve, OBU and L. Vision (the SHOW DOCTOR)."

- Sway Magazine - Summer 2007

""Show Doctor Prescribes New Dose Of Lyrical Vision"

Ambitious for a comeback, emerging Toronto hip-hop artist the SHOW DOCTOR (Clinton Davis) has completed his latest album, entitled The End of Being Broke.

Formerly known as 'Lyrical Vision' on the city's underground music scene, Davis is set to release The End of Being Broke later this month in Toronto, calling the 19-track album his most powerful work to date
“It hit me rather hard while looking through my collection of lyrics from the past 12 years. It had been four years since I'd composed an album of my own, and the fact that I created it all within a three-week period made it a concentrated work of art, based on how I'm feeling right now, right at this point in my life," says Davis, while discussing his inspiration for the new album.

Graduating from Toronto's Harris Institute for the Arts in 2000, Davis has contributed to the urban music scene in Toronto not only as an independent hip-hop artist but also as a producer and engineer for several local musicians and professional theatre productions in the city. Some of his theatre experience includes shows at Elgin Theatre, Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People, Theatre Passé Muraille and Equity Showcase Theatre.

Davis is the founder and operator of Show Doctor Sound Services in Toronto - a recording and production service for artists with the drive to get their music out to fans, promoters, local radio stations, record labels and the Internet. He has received national recognition over the years from print, broadcast and online mediums including interviews with the Toronto Star, NOW Magazine, Toronto Life, Global Television and

“The first half of this album has more of a traditional, high energy, lyrics-heavy, underground hip hop feel to it, but toward the end, the album becomes softer, more thoughtful, reflective, conscious and uplifting. The underlying theme in this album is the mention of money, and the concept of being broke,” explains Davis, “This album takes the audience through the trials and tribulations I’ve encountered and signifies the positive changes I’ve made in my life; the end of being broke”.

Having done more than 30 live performances in venues across Toronto and Canada, Davis writes and records all of his songs himself, with the help of in-house producers and guest production.  With 25 mix tape contributions to date, along with guest appearances on other artists' albums, Davis is ready to take his talent to the next level with this release. - Deborah Waines, Rogers Television

"Up and Coming in Toronto 2009 - The Show Doctor"

“The Show Doctor”

Growth plays a major part in every artist’s craft, and the same can be said for The Show Doctor. His love for hip-hop began in the mid 90s, and has blossomed from there. Making music has also helped him realize there is more to rap than just putting rhyming words over beats. Seeing music in the state that it is in has opened his eyes to the possibilities of fusing his music and live shows with many other genres. “I’ve done electric remixes and punk music, and it surprises people. They come up to me after shows and say it is really refreshing to hear.” The Show Doctor himself is focused on not only giving listeners good music, but, as the name implies, a great live experience. Looking into the future, he wants to perform with ballerinas and even fire dancers.

For now, a new sound has been the focus for this artist. As he works on his second album, he continues to search for unique influences and sounds for this project. As he still performs 3 times a week, he also works very hard on bringing that new sound to life. - Shaun Bolden,

"The End Of Being Broke Album Review 2008 -"

"The Show Doctor is a refreshing sound in the mix of a bleak hip-hop era. Combining his strong lyricism with a rare star quality, his presence is felt throughout his entire album."

- Tara Muldoon,

"The End Of Being Broke Album Review 2008"

“From the hard hitting raps on 'Babylon' to the self reflective verses of
'I Just Wanna Get That Paper', the Show Doctor's 'The End Of Being Broke'
LP takes the listener for a lyrical trip through the mind of one of rap music's
most imaginative emcees. The album takes music where most artists today
won't, proving the Show Doctor is as experimental as he is a lyrical monster.”
- Justin Lee, Universal Music


(2010) the Show Doctor - The Beginning of Awareness
(2010) the Show Doctor & Nikole Dior "Injured Hearts"
(2010) the Show Doctor Mixtape - "Life; insert 1 credit"
(2008) the Show Doctor - "The End Of Being Broke"
(2007) Skelly - "Ya Best Bet"
(2007) the Show Doctor - "Caramel Madness" (single)
(2006) BlueKnight - "4 Hit Combo" (ep)
(2005) BlueKnight - "Let's Go Get Stoned" (Radio Single)
(2005) the Show Doctor (aka L. Vision) - "Cleared for Takeoff" (ep)
(2004) LUI - "Life With Lui"
(2003) the Show Doctor (aka L. Vision) - "READY TO FLY" (LP)



Putting a pen to paper then a mic to a stage has been this human's way of expressing himself since childhood. Over the years Clinton has honed his technical and artistic skills in a way that hasn't been ignored and, in turn, has received praise from professors and hip hop street scientists alike. He is not an artist one easily forgets after seeing a performance.

Davis has contributed to the urban music scene in Toronto not only as an independent artist, but also as a producer and engineer for several local musicians and productions in and around the city. He has performed and shared stages alongside such legends as Talib Kweli, Rahzel of the Roots, Jurassic 5, Danny Fernandes, Lorraine Reid, DL Incognito, JD Era, Roger Smith and Bishop and has received national recognition over the years from print, broadcast and online mediums, including interviews with - and notable mention from - the Toronto Star, NOW Magazine, Toronto Life, Global Television and

Having studied audio engineering at the Harris Institute for the Arts, interned and worked in professional music studios, and produced, acted and rapped in a dozen musicals, Davis has made quite a name for himself among music lovers across the country.

Refusing to be limited by genre, he is known not only to perform over Hip Hop, but numerous genres from House to Punk Rock when he steps onto the stage.
“Growing up, I was a fan of many different genres. Once we start to let go of our walls and boundaries, we get to embrace music for what it was really meant to be,” says Davis, “Music is an extension of our emotions, and we need to embrace all of the different genres to truly understand it.”

Davis’ recent album, The End Of Being Broke, has been described as his ‘most powerful work to date‘. Following the 2008 release, the album proved to be nothing less, immediately finding its way into the eager hands of hundreds of fans across Canada. The album has since been released on iTunes, where it is now available internationally.

Davis, currently residing in Moncton NB, is working on the new album, and also plans to release a mixtape and two music videos prior to the album’s debut. In his spare time, he can be found promoting and performing in various events and venues in Moncton. “I love it,” shares Davis, “People need to learn how to throw their hands up. I want to spread what I've been doing out there to the world.”

With more than 70 live performances in venues across Canada, 30 mixtape contributions to date, and numerous guest appearances on other artists' albums under his belt, Davis is ready and eager to take his talent to the next level.

“My approach? I'm just gonna dive in and see where the music takes me.”