The Show is the Rainbow

The Show is the Rainbow


I am an experimental cut and paste studio band who plays with a live full band and video. I mash up funk bass, big beats, and twangy punky guitars and it sounds awesome. I like to crowd surf and tour and go to the beach.


My name is Darren Keen. 6 years ago i started this pre-recorded multimedia one man band called THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW. I have toured all over the world, and it has changed me a great deal. I started as a confused kid who lived with my parents in the suburbs of Lincoln, NE, and through my touring and traveling I have grown, both musically and spiritually into a big hippie weirdo storyteller dude made of lesbian love paste and positivity. I believe in the beauty of every human in the world. I believe in unlimited potential. I believe that there is a collective consciousness in a room full of people listening to loud music and that it resembles god. I believe that man and technology collaborate with each other in equal parts in almost every aspect of life. I believe in myself. I believe in you. This is my bio. This is truth.


"Barry Sure Wrote A Lot of Songs About All the Girls He's Loved" CD EP 2003
"Correcting Dog Behaviour Problems Using Dog Radartron" 2004 CD EP
"Baila con mi Hija" 2004 7"ep
"Radboyz ONLY!!!"2005 CD (Tsk! Tsk! Records, London UK)
"Homosexual Mohawk" 2006 CDEP (It are Good Records)
"Gymnasia" 2007 CD/LP (SAF/It Are good Records)
"Venitian Pizza" 2008 CDREP (It are Good Records)
"Wet Fist" 2009 CD (Retard Disco Records, LA)

Set List

Made of Cardboard
Life is Good
Bums got a Nut
Swatting Flies
Women are not Food
Dullard gets the Scoop
I am the Decline

I like 30 Minute Sets. No covers.