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Los Angeles' The Shys offer a bipolar mix of punk-influenced garage rock and rock-influenced '80s dance pop.

Sometimes, singer Kyle Krone sounds like he's channeling The Clash's Joe Strummer, British accent and all. Sometimes, the band sounds like The Alarm crossed with The Bravery, with some U2-styled keyboards thrown in.

As odd as it sounds, it all seemed to work live, especially on the spiky rocker "Call in the Cavalry."

We hustled to Club DeVille after Damone ended so we could see The Shys, a band that I am TOTALLY gay for. I tried to describe their sound to Dan B and Geoff and came up with "Along of the lines of the Class of 2005 - Franz, Killers, Bloc Party - but with a more classic glam-pop influence ala The Stones, Bowie, T-Rex." I've never seen them live and was hoping that they'd be as good live as they are on the EP I have. I needn't have worried. The Shys have it all down pat despite the fact that they are basically kids (I'm guessing everybody in the band is about 22). Kyle Krone totally has the moves down - a mix of Mick Jaggar and Greg Dulli in my opinion. And, thank God, they played "Easy on the Eyes," my pick for "Best song of 2005."

SXSW Roundup
Best Alternative to Jet: the Shys

It seemed only appropriate that several other young bands appeared in the crowd for the Shys' set at Club de Ville. Not only are Southern California's Shys better-looking than most -- frontman Kyle Krone is like a prettier Conor Oberst -- but they tear up the stage with their fuzzed-up super-rock like the Who in the early days.

LA Times

Retro-rockers The Shys have reason to feel confident. First, you should know a couple of things about the Shys: The quartet turned some heads in L.A. as the Gun Shys but dropped the "Gun" because an artist had already laid claim to the moniker Gun Shy. Then there is the misdirection; the Shys are anything but bashful.

Having stormed out of Orange County in 2004 and signed to Sire Records last year, the Shys boldly shelved many of their songs when they recorded their debut, "Astoria," in January. Singer-guitarist Kyle Krone explains: "We wrote seven or eight new songs, recorded everything live in two weeks, on vintage equipment, with hardly any overdubs and never more than two or three takes. We did what was striking a chord with us."

What "Astoria" is, then, is less a full portrait of the band as it is a snapshot of a magical, musical month in the lives of four rockers, the eldest of whom is 22. Revealed are snippets of the Shys' classic influences — the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Stooges, the Stone Roses, Oasis and the Hives. Because of the band's youth, the label opted for a "soft launch" rather than a splashy release; "Astoria" is available at the band's shows — including tonight's gig at the Troubadour with label mates the Subways.

"We left a lot of songs on the back burner," says Krone, who with keyboardist Alex Kweskin, bassist Chris Wulff and drummer Mike Walker parlayed old-fashioned swagger into club buzz last year. "What we didn't want to do was just make the same old glossy crap you hear a lot of. Who knows, our second record could even be the beginning of the band." (Santa Barbara, CA)

Rowdy, raucous rock is what’s being promised here with The Shys, a multi talented electric/acoustic band with tons of promise.

The Shys were a mix between The Strokes, Suede aesthetics and Beatlish sounds.

Lately, I've been listening to The Gun Shys, now known as The Shys, originally from the sunny Cali. My sister and cousin went to the Subways concert, they told me that the one band that was amazing, except for the Subways, for sure, was The Shys. They're an indie rock band. Which totally is mainstream music thanks to my The O.C (it's on tonight!). So for all you major indie rock geek, check them out! I'm hooked on Two Cent Facts & Easy on the eyes, listen to them because they're awesome.

The Shys came up next. I had happened to read in the Los Angeles Times Calendar section about them that day. The Times article had hyped them up. It mentioned they were previously named the GunShys and then shortened their name due to the usual legal prior name lawsuit. When they setup the equipment, the lead singer was sporting a very Julian Casablancas look and jacket. It was to my surprise that once they started playing, they rocked. The place started to get more excited and cameras started to flash more as the show went on. I couldn't help tapping my feet as well. They will be playing with the Colour at the Troubadour in a few months so you should check them out.
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Debut cd "Astoria" to be released on Sire Records this summer.


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