The Shy Seasons

The Shy Seasons

 Lebanon, Oregon, USA

"It’s dangerous to make predictions about band successes. However, it’s relatively safe to suggest that The Shy Seasons have a great chance of making a memorable impact upon the music scene. And, perhaps, with a stroke of luck, that just might happen"

-Indie Music Reviewer


The Shy Seasons believe that it doesn’t matter where one comes from, but where one is going. That is why this small town band has found their sound, and intends to take it to big places. With rock tunes that make your head spin and your knees weak, The Shy Seasons take you to places where today’s music cannot; whether by looking back brightly, or marching forward with optimism, their beats vibrate listeners’ heart strings, and their melodies rest their feet on your seat of emotions.

When this gang of four plugged in and geared up, they realized they had something to share with the world, and they wish to share it with you.


City of Betrayal (EP) - 2010