The SideKix Band

The SideKix Band


The SideKix Band is a high energy country show band that plays the biggest hits of today. They have been bringing down the house all over the midwest for the last twenty years.


The SideKix Band has shared the stage with some of the biggest entertainers in country music.

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Home Sweet Home

Written By: David Glassburn

I got 40 miles to go till i hit Tulsa
the fog so thick that i can barely see
bugs are lyin thick upon my bumper
my pants are caked with mud up to my knees
me truck broke down as i was leavin Dallas
this migraine in my head is killin me
but tonight i'll be alright with my front porch right in sight
I'll be bouncin baby sissy on my knee

I'm goin home to see my wife and see my baby
goin home to have my mamma bake some beans
i can almost smell the cornbread, see her standin' in the kitchen
i can almost see the lights of home sweet home

those Texas women sure are lookin pretty
those new york dolls are glowin in the lights
none of them compare to my lady waitin there
in her faded jeans with my baby by her side


The Way Back Home

Written By: Tom Johnson, Tracy McKee, Jay Pratt

The Way Back Home

I started on a journey
destination still unknown
What I thought were unfound treasures
Were left to hinder me from movin on
Till I found someone who cares
these burdens were just too hard to bear
I traveled on some dead end roads
It's time for me to shed this load
In the wilderness I've wandered all alone

I've got to find my way back home
To an unfamiliar place where i belong
I know I've been away too long
Lord help me find my way back home

I was standing at this crossroad
But I think deep down I knew
I was lost with no direction
Tell me why is turning back so hard to do
Wondered if You'd still be there
In spite of all my doubts and all my fears
I finally found the Guiding Light
to lead me in the dark of night
It was there all along for me to choose



The SideKix Band has recorded at the best studios in Nashville. Streaming and downloadable audio and video, as well as the newest CD, is available on the official web site.

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The SideKix Band plays the new country music you hear on the radio today, and those great old songs you have always loved.