the Sid Hillman Quartet

the Sid Hillman Quartet


The Sid Hillman Quartet has created a truly original and independent sound. They stand outside any genre or scene. Loosely described, they are alternative with a subtle hint of western. Their live show is dynamic and powerful.


Formed in 1998, the Sid Hillman Quartet released a 5-song EP that same year and began building a following in Los Angeles. In 2000 they released a full-length LP, and opened for Mojave 3 on a sold-out 19 city U.S./Canada tour. They received national critical acclaim and charted on CMJ college radio across the U.S. They followed up in 2001 with an EP entitled "Three Songs" which was released to College Radio only, where they again charted across the country. In 2002 they released "Volume Two" (LP) on Innerstate Records (U.S.) and Evangeline Recorded Works (Europe) and Sid opened solo for Neil Halstead on a 4 week U.S. tour. "Volume Two" received major publication critical acclaim and spent two weeks on the CMJ top 200 charts. Also in 2002, the Quartet won the People's Choice Award for "Best Country Band" (encompassing Americana and Alt-Country) for the L.A. Weekly Music Awards. In 2003, Sid toured, opening for Lisa Germano, and the SHQ completed their third full-length LP "Tercero." "Tercero" was released in Europe on February 7, 2005 on Trocadero Records. From February - March 2005, the Quartet spent a month touring in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Netherlands in support of "Tercero" and returned to growing crowds in the fall of that year. In 2006 the Quartet completed another full-length album entitled "Round About Way."


1998--Self-Titled 5-Song EP. Self-Released
2000--Self-Titled LP. Self-Released
2001--"Three Songs" EP. Promotional Only to college radio
2002--"Volume Two" LP. Innerstate Records (U.S.), Evangeline Recorded Works (Europe)
2003/2004--"Tercero" LP. Trocadero Records (Europe)
2006--Completed "Round About Way" (Still unreleased)

Set List

10-12 songs
All original
Approximately 45 minutes