The Sights

The Sights


Here's what Rolling Stone said: "At last -- a new Detroit-garage band that comes in colors." It's true: the perfect blend of songwriting and showmanship; pop and rock; harmonies and soul. Marvelously textured; ridiculously catchy.


After selling thousands of records, continuously touring, some great movie and TV placement AND learning first-hand about the upheaval in the label system, The Sights now return with their fourth record, Most of What Follows is True. Building on an incredible legacy of blues-rock-power pop-psychedelia, The Sights have reached an unprecedented level of song and studio craftsmanship. This is the sound of redemption.


1999 - Are You Green? (CD/LP)

2001 – The Sights 4-song Double 7”

2002 - Got What We Want (CD/LP)

2004 - Sticks and Stones b/w Stop and Think It Over 7"

2005 – The Sights (CD/LP)

Jan 2010 - Most of What Follows Is True (CD/LP)

Each record had significant "alternative radio" airplay.

The following TV shows/movies also had Sights' songs in their soundtracks:
Just Friends (2005) - “Waiting On A Friend”

Fast, Inc (2006) - “Good Way To Die”

The Last Chancers (2002) - “Sick and Tired”

The Shield (2008) - “Circus”

America's Funniest Home Videos (2008) - “Just Got Robbed”

Reaper (2009) - “Just Got Robbed”

Wedding Crashers (2005) - “Circus”

National Lampoon’s (2009) - “Just Got Robbed”

Set List

The typical set is all originals (rarely with a cover thrown in). Can vary from 40-80 minutes, depending on venue. Currently, the set is 70 percent from our new record and 30 percent from our previous records.