The Sign Of Four

The Sign Of Four

 Manchester, England, GBR

We are a band that approach music with a punk way of thinking,we turn up and play out our tunes with enough energy and style to make even the most cynical muso look up and pay attention.We have played in loads of dingy dives and quality venues around u.k + every time we have played out a kicking set.


The Sign Of Four are rubbish salesmen but are a cool band, they gig all across the U.K,have supported The Seahorses and continue to play at cool venues across the country where they are now considered as a headline act. None of our success has gone to our heads,and as we continue to gig and party across the u.k be sure to catch us for we play a kicking gig thanks.


Dagger In Your Back
Presume All Communications Are Tapped.

Set List

My England
Stomp Stampede
Vicious Skies
Dagger In Your Back
Cool Kids Dance
Zina Kola
Ride Upon
At The Party