The Silence

The Silence


Guitars with heavy, broken and complex riffs, strong beat, synthesizers and effects, mixed in a very strong and innovative way of launching a CD in phases, which is inspired by the universe of video games. This is The Silence, a project that has influences from various styles, from hardcore to metal


The Silence started with the producer and guitarist Tiago Hóspede’s hands and mind and Ricardo China, the vocalist, both of whom, soon after, joined with Bruno Tozzini (synthesizers, keys and sound effects). The trio got into a studio some months ago to work on their first melodies and lyrics as well as on the group’s concept, which will always value musical quality. Later, Rafael Cartman, guitarist, Fernando Schaefer, drummer, and also Danilo Fratângelo, bass guitar player were invited, thus giving the band its final shape to complete the recordings.
With its members’ know-how and experience, The Silence focused on its release strategies and started to disclose the album “States of Mind” through word-of- mouth, with the help of friends, by means of episodes and key words which “unblock” the download of each song. The band was soon known by the public that appreciates this kind of music and was rapidly spread through social sites, like Facebook page and the Youtube. After a short time, many people were keeping up with the band’s routine. As a result, some shows started to be scheduled, including a tour in Chile in the middle of this year.
“Since we worked on our first song, we have wanted to do something different, which could go on the opposite direction from what is being done to release a band nowadays. We like the hardcore, the metal, electronic music and video games and we deal with many alternative means of research and distribution, for this reason, mixing the release of our CD with the mission of virtual games was a mere consequence”, says Tozzini. The Silence was originated from a genuine motivation and this will also be reflected in our live shows too”, adds Hóspede.



Written By: Tiago Hóspede/Ricardo China

just like a cancer it drains my life away
the walls closing in and i start felling confined
i want the poison that consumes me
out of me / out of me
your're not killing me now

leading nowhere
until now
the meaning is hidden inside

to see lights fade away
and fell wind tonight
staring at the way
deep through into doorway

state of the mind
shows how it feels
breathe in and now release
its all in your mind
your true self appears
breathe in and now release
take me up
show me the path
let go off your fears
Your history now begins

history now begins

the path is clear and i can find the way
healing process shows the pain it may take sometime
but when its over you can start again
born again, free against
the hell that knocks you down

Screaming all alone!


States of Mind

Chapter 1: Unlock The Door
Chapter 2 : Follow You Natural Instincts
Chapter 3 : Proceed To Self DEstruction (yet to be released)
Chapter 4: Walk back to the Begining (yet to be released)