The Silenced

The Silenced


An alternative rock band that sets themselves apart from other bands by blending an incredibly tight, energetic live show with dynamic, hard hitting music that sounds like nothing else out there!


The Silenced is a story of four aspiring musicians who found themselves in the year 2005 transitioning from three very well established bands (Endeavour, Triptych, Darwin Alternative). Based out of Toronto, this powerful rock foursome has been able to generate an ever growing buzz amongst fans and industry alike as they brand their unique sound onto the ears of eager listeners everywhere.

Using a combination of hard work, talent and drive, Neil, Shawn, Kevin and Ryan continue to captivate audiences with an energetic live performance that conjures up a whirlwind of emotions, highlighting their dynamic, hard hitting musical range and heartfelt lyrical styling. In the short period of one year, The Silenced have wielded their craft on some of Toronto’s most prominent stages - The Drake, Club 279, The Bovine Sex Club, The Horseshoe, EDGE 102 and Dundas Square where they headlined the Street Impact Skateboard Festival. Not bound to Toronto alone, the band recently completed a very successful 2006 Canadian tour which had them doing 15 shows in 18 days in 5 provinces. The guys continue to travel anywhere and everywhere in Ontario and Quebec playing to their ever growing, faithful fan base.

Since releasing their first 5 song self-titled EP at EDGE 102’s store front studio in Toronto on Feb 25th 2006, The Silenced have sold over 500 copies of the CD via live shows and the internet. Utilizing to spread the word, The Silenced enjoys an average of 80 plays a day on their page. The fans have been very vocal about their love for the music, so The Silenced have returned to the studio to record a follow-up 12 song full length CD. The CD is set for a November 2006 release, which is to be coupled with the release of a video for the first single. To meet with international demand, a 3 week 2007 American spring tour is already being laid out in support of the new CD. With true professionalism that only road tested veterans can muster, the band is maintaining a hectic schedule of live shows and recording while remaining focused on what is truly the most important element...The Music.



Written By: K.Ker

Mischievous wandering on your own
Stay close to this path, find your way back home
I won’t believe that you are one of them,
but they’re waiting outside threatening to come in
And I swore that I’d rescue you when you obey

Ignorance the surface suits you fine
You’re free to diverge just stay between these lines
I won’t believe that you are one of them,
But they’re waiting outside threatening to come in
And I swore that I’d rescue you when you obey

I wanted to pull you away, forget all these things they claim
It’s starting to break you in two, I’ve witnessed this through and through
And it’s killing me my dear

Mary O'Nette

Written By: K. Ker

Don't wear your fears out
I can see them in the way you smile
You're barely breathing but still believing what you are sold

It's your life story, It's everything that you will be
soon you'll wake up and wonder where you are

We've all been turned into
fabricated fools who buy and buy
and this wheel keeps turning
it keeps us yearning to feel secure

In my life story, it's everything that they'll make me
soon we'll wake up and wonder where we are

Sense Of Vacancy

Written By: K. Ker

You and your humble demons collect and I’ll do all I can
To clean your head clear of them and make room for your thought instead
And we’ll simplify and call to rest outside until I get by and become myself

You whisper softly to me, I search to find which you I hear
Your eyes steal backwards glances, I sense your vacancy so clear
A world denied building a world inside, don’t count the time it’s building us

Let them out before they all settle in,
Let them out before they all start talking
Let them out before they all settle in,
Let them out before they all start talking


Written By: K. Ker

This weight's so heavy
and I feel belligerent
these fears you send me
have all but came and went
will I get out from under it?
will I get out?, this sickness spreads I'm sinking in

It's encompassing you, everything that you do
feeding you more, needing you more than the last meal
and you will learn you're not here to hold the weight

The Never Ending Fall

Written By: K. Ker

Don't fool yourself, it's here to stay
Don't fool yourself, you made it this way
I'm alright, I'll do my time
I'm going to crawl that line, commit my mind
When the moment comes, I won't hide
I'll need these eyes once unapplied
Give me time, this restless mind
It'll crawl that line and we'll keep from breaking up

I don't want what surrounds me, hold yourself
maybe I'm not good enough for you
I can't pick you up when you fall
the never ending fall

You're barely alive
You're barely alive
You're barely alive
You're buried alive


The Silenced - Self Titled 5 Song EP
Single - Mischievious being played on internet radio and University Radio

Set List

50 Minute Set

The Never Ending Fall
Once I had A Face
Sense of Vacancy
In Sorrow
Mary O'nette

Other Songs To Add to extend set time