the silent numbers

the silent numbers

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Our noise may destroy your ears, don't listen to us, you'll hate it.


The Silent Numbers are a four piece band formed in Portland, OR in 2009. Their sound is a mix of 90's shoegaze, surf rock, and noise guitar. Influences include; Jesus and Mary Chain, the Cure, Gang of Four, Galaxie 500. Members include: Nick Woods (vocals, guitar) formerly in the Vespas (Detroit, MI) Eric Sabatino (guitars, keyboard) formerly in the Terranauts(Kalamazoo, MI) Gerudo (Kalamazoo, MI) Adrian Melnick (drums) formerly in Millions of Birds (Portland, OR)

Set List

Calculator Watch
Horrible Monster
Said So
When The Light Is On

Alternates: No Big Deal, Allergic, etc.,.