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The best kept secret in music


"review by Tom Murphey"

Adam Pedersen, at various points, introduced us to the second guitar player, Mike, conga player Marcus and keyboardist, Kelly, and violinist,
Aaron. Both he and Mike only had acoustic guitars but rarely have I seen anyone make as good a use of them as they did. They all looked like they came out of a social circle of jocks from the suburbs but the music they played was unexpectedly excellent. Pedersen's vocals were gutsy, throaty and powerfully evocative. He seemed to have been listening to a lot of David Eugene Edwards music because he was surely aiming in that direction at least in terms of the sometimes unsettling power of his voice. Even more impressive was the layering of intricate guitar lines. Yeah, it was singer-songwriter music but most of those guys don't try hard enough to write great guitar parts that are excellent on their own to match good lyrics and an emotive vocal delivery. The band together reminded me of something Burt Bacharach might have done had he gone punk rock and then got tired of it but not of the emotional force of that kind of music and brought it back to something with more depth and nuance than most punk rock is capable of mustering.
Throughout the show Adam's voice reminded me of someone and by the end I realized he sounded a lot like Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance. No one sounds like Brendan Perry...except for Adam Pedersen. Like all of the worthwhile singer-songwriter types of the last twenty years, Pedersen has clearly absorbed the lessons of Jeff Buckley's seething passion and dreamy soundscapes as well as the understated intensity and lyrical brilliance of Nick Drake. Hardly anyone pulls off falsettos well and Adam's use of that vocal trick was excellent. Like he wasn't even trying and it was just part of his personal reperatoire from years ago. His expansive voice was clearly the sound around which the rest of the music was built. More singer-songwriter people in Denver should check that guy out because he's a powerful and charismatic performer without having to beat you over the head with his own importance. They didn't have a name for this incarnation of the project but heck, they might as well stick with Adam Pedersen's name. I never saw or heard Silence in Contempt, sadly, but I wish I had in order to have a frame of reference. But I'll for sure be checking out Adam Pedersen's projects in the future. He's got that dark muse following him for sure.

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Previous to The Silo Gathering:
Adam Pedersen "Live At Stellas" copyright 2002 adam pedersen-produced/mixed/mastered by Todd Tawd of Whole Soul Studios
(8 live tracks from Stellas Coffee House in Denver
Adam Pedersen-(vocals/guitar/piano)

Adam Pedersen "Songs From a Nostalgic Assortment" copyright 2005 adam pedersen-(produced/mixed/masterd by Phillip Stearns and Todd Tawd of Whole Soul Studios.
Blend of 12 tracks from Silence in Contempt project and solo recordings over the last 4 years)
Adam Pedersen-(vocals/guitar/piano)
Aaron Fuenning-(violin) Hugo Rivas-(percussion)
additional instrumentation by Adam Pedersen and Todd Tawd

The Silo Gathering Live (copyright 2007 adam pedersen)
soon to be released and a studio album to be released in late spring 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Metaphorical Manifesto of The Silo Gathering

We are a human project, an experiment in sound. We are the space between the tide and the shore, between the earth and the horizon. We are in search of truths beyond our comprehension, conscious of the weight these truths would bring. We are the synapse that carries the message and catalyst for change in our time. We plant the seeds of the future with a present state of mind, contemptuous of image and ignorance as they blind perception's eyes. We are an ever evolving organism breathing of this earth to stay alive, exhaling melody and dissonance in 6/8 time. We are a human project, an experiment in sound.