the silsons

the silsons

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The Silsons musical expertise, coupled with their quick wit and playful stage banter, make their show an enjoyable and intimate crowd experience. Ann-Marie's vocal stylings, and Bill's guitar excellence, allow for fresh interpretations of old and new music.


About Ann-Marie Silson

Ann-Marie's vast background includes extensive vocal and dance training in both New York and Boston. She plays several instruments, sings in several languages, and has performed in just about every venue imaginable, singing Big Band Swing to Country & Folk, Texas Swing to Standards & Pop, Musical Theater to Rhythm & Blues. Ann-Marie's finger-style guitar creates the foundation for "The Silsons" unique sound!

About Bill Silson

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Bill's range of experience encompasses arranging, composing, conducting, and orchestration, as well as teaching, and studio production work. He has recorded on Mercury Records, Polaris Records, Gizmo Records, and Phillips of London Records, and has appeared as an instrumentalist with artists from all genres. An incredible guitarist, Bill Silson is a master of improvisational accompaniment and a creator of excitingly innovative solos!

Set List

Our shows are usually 1 to 2 hours. Every part of our show is determined by the audience we are entertaining. We feature fast creative guitar solos,(rock,jazz,bluegrass,} excellent vocals in all stylings. We may do: "Oh Lomesome Me", to Danny Boy, to Cats n Cradle, to Who Says You Can't Go Home, to Afelicidade(Brazilian), to La Vie En Rose (French), to Jolene, to Midnight Bottle...etc. All songs are played to feature our unique sound.