The Silver Fox Project

The Silver Fox Project

 Wellington, Wellington, NZL

Welcome to The Silver Fox Project. We are a group of musicians with a love for small towns, foot-stomping, crowd sing-alongs, and Jesus. Something has been given to us of which we believe is to be meant not for our ears only, but yours too. Slow down, & take a listen.


The Silver Fox Project began as just that, a project. however, much has come to pass since early 2010. A friendship formed. A song was sung. A name was written. A logo was drawn. An EP was recorded. A video was filmed. God spoke, His voice was heard, and a vision was received. Hearts were set aflame. A tour began. More jumped on board. A fan base grew and grows. But most importantly... a message was carried and carries still.

Currently The Silver Fox Project is made up of essentially three; Tom Hollow, Samuel Tanner, & Sam Notman. However, more choose to become part of the adventure everyday. You see, this is not just a band, but rather a project. Consider it something still in the works and forever there will it stay.

TSFP find their pop, folk, rock, sound in amongst a wonderful, colorful collision of catchy tunes, clever rhyme, crowd sing-alongs, foot stomping beats, & hand clapping choruses, through to reflective, thought-provoking lyrics, sign-post style worship, clear testimony & God given message. Be sure to allow the holes inside your ears to take this sound in.

"Why we do it? There's something inside that keeps pushing, that passion for the stage, to see a crowd jumping, see faces light up, thats what it is about. However, I think something that is not to be overlooked is the opportunity you get while on stage and even after you leave the stage - the influence you have to speak into & over people's lives. One our songs titled 'You' has these lyrics we stand by as a band;
"All we are is found on our knees,
all we are is wood for burning,
all we have are hearts to spread Your fire,
hearts to burn for You.""
- Tom Hollow (Vocals, Guitar - The Silver Fox Project)


EP 'We will run' - released May 2011