The Silver Hearts

The Silver Hearts


A mixture of western roots, tin-pan-alley, blues and ragtime that has been described at various times as a "beer orchestra", "ghost town western music," "music for an Irish wake" and "a brothel blues orchestra."


“Brothel Blues”… “A Saloon Symphony”… “Ghost Town Orchestra”… “The Muppets meet Harry Smith’s Anthology of Folk Music”..”Music to rob trains by”… For the past five years, Peterborough’s The Silver Hearts have drawn comparisons as unique as their music. With a membership ranging from 12-17, and instrumentation consisting of the standard drums, bass, guitar, piano and the more obtuse, sousaphone, theramin, trombone, trumpet, harmonicas, and accordion, The Silver Hearts have established their own blend of burlesque swing, southern gospel, pre-war blues, field hollers: Exciting music, rooted in tradition.


No Place -
Our Precious City -
Play Rain Dogs -
Dear Stranger (w. Andre Ethier) -