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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
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"Podcast for November 12, 2013"

Margot MacDonald – Teardrop
The Beginner’s Mynd – Hazy
Black Checker – Bagel Girl
The Joads – Good Deal Gone Bad
Color School – Picking Up Pieces
PHZ-Sicks – Coming Down feat. TFOX
Asheru – Gauteng feat. Raheem DeVaughn
The Silver Liners – Shine On (Gavin Holland Remix)
ACME – All Around The World (Micah Vellian Remix)
Is And Of The – Swoopy

Or listen in SoundCloud: - Hometown Sounds (Washington, DC)

"The Silver Liners :: Shine On (Gavin Holland Remix), Nov. 5, 2013"

Afternoon treat for you all with some DC remix love. Gavin Holland has taken a slow-burner Balearic approach to local indie-rockers Silver Liners‘ single “Shine On”. Grab the latest from the band HERE and enjoy… - Newdust (Washington, DC)

"Q&A with: The Silver Liners (3/26/13)"

This year marks a new chapter for The Silver Liners. After taking a brief hiatus from performing and simultaneously working on new music in the later part of 2012, the band came back in 2013 with a new sound and look. Shedding their signature pop rock aesthetic for a more experimental sound, the band also incorporated a few new band members to create their latest release, Bliss. The EP features heavy synth-lines and layered vocals, a much more electronic sound than found in their previous material. I had the chance to speak with The Silver Liners (comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Jay Nemeyer, guitarist John Patton, drummer Matt Hartenau, vocalist Rose Davis and bassist Max Kuzmyak) about their music evolution and their latest EP.

D.C. Music Download: Bliss, your new EP, is pretty different from your past material. How do you feel you’ve matured as musicians between then and now? What inspired the change from traditional “rock” instruments to a more electronic sound?

Jay Nemeyer: We’ve grown as musicians and people, as cheesy as that sounds. Honestly, we don’t have a good explanation for what “inspired the change” – it just kind of happened. It felt natural, so we just went with it – and we’re happy with the result.

DMD: What was the writing process like for Bliss?

JN: We wrote most of the songs in the latter half of 2011, and had planned on releasing an album last summer (in 2012). That didn’t happen, though, because a few of the guys in the band at the time decided to leave. As a result of the not having a bassist and keyboard player, we were forced to take a break from live performances. This allowed us to write, and record additional songs that ended up on the EP and forthcoming album.

DMD: Is songwriting a collaborative effort, or is one of you the main writer?

John Patton: Jay is the main writer. Usually he records demos, sends them out through email, and then we jam on them/flesh them out during rehearsal.

DMD: If you could perform with any other artist/band, living or dead, who would you choose?

JN: Led Zeppelin
JP: The Police
Matt Hartenau: Rick James
Rose Davis: Queen
Max Kuzmyak: George Clinton

DMD: Can you elaborate more on this forthcoming album?

JN: Yes, the new album will aesthetically sound similar to the Bliss EP. Some of the songs have more of a “rock” feel. There are a few instrumental tracks. Themes across the board include: big drums, tons of keyboards, guitars, vocal harmonies, reverb, and a ton of ambient stuff.

DMD: Now that your new EP is out, what are the band’s plans for the future? Is a tour in the works?

JP: Playing tons of shows, recording music videos, releasing the full length sometime relatively soon, and doing everything we possibly can to get our music heard.

DMD: Do you think you’ll stick with the new sound you have in songs like “Shine On,” or
still sometimes have songs like “Runnin’ Through My Head”?

JN: We are happy with how the EP and album sounds – I doubt we will ever write another “Runnin’ Through My Head”. Having said that, though, we are proud of those earlier songs - D.C. Music Download

"Know your neighbors: The Silver Liners (4/2/13)"

Name: The Silver Liners
Members: Jay Nemeyer (Vocals/Guitar), John Patton (Guitar), Matt Hartenau (Drums), Rose Davis (Vocals)
Influences: Cut Copy, Washed Out, The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, M83, Ratatat, Phoenix, Passion Pit
Favorite D.C. artist(s): Brett, Young Summer, Drop Electric
Favorite D.C. venue: Rock & Roll Hotel
Favorite late night food in D.C.: Amsterdam Falafel, Ben’s Chili Bowl

With about three years of experience under its belt, the Silver Liners are really starting to make some noise in the local indie-pop scene. Last month, the band released Bliss, a three-track EP (stream below).

Bliss shows the listener a young band with a solid foundation of radio-ready material. A lot of artists struggle mightily with writing a good chorus. Not the Silver Liners. The band has an undeniable knack for writing these huge, anthemic hooks. Local producer Kyle Downs also does a great job capturing the band’s energy.

The other thing that really stands out on the Silver Liners’ EP is the vocal work. Jay Nemeyer carries the load with his strong vocal melodies, but Rose Davis’ harmonies add a very distinct dimension to the band’s sound.

The Silver Liners will be playing the Rock & Roll Hotel on April 22 and the Davenport (American University) on April 25. - DMVicious

"The Silver Liners – Bliss EP (+ show) (3/14/13)"

New EP out from DC indie-rockers The Silver Liners. This band has shown some real growth over the past year, elevating their sound to a level of infectious indie-pop that is much needed here in the District. And the guys are playing with Drop Electric and Paperhaus at Rock and Roll Hotel this Friday, March 15 (RSVP + TIX HERE). Enjoy the track “Shine On” (which could easily be played in the party scene of a teen movie, but like a REALLY good teen movie), and listen/buy the EP HERE. Enjoy… -

"Review: Bliss EP by The Silver Liners (3/7/13)"

The Silver Liners’ forthcoming EP, Bliss, (slated to be released Friday) marks a whole new sound from the band that’s unlike anything heard previously. “We went into the studio with the goal of trying to create something different”, explains The Silver Liners’ lead vocalist, Jay Nemeyer. “It wasn’t easy, and it took more than a year of hard work, but we are happy with the result”.

With Bliss, The Silver Liners shed their garage rock, power-pop roots and produced a collection of euphoric synth-pop for this release. There were occasional keyboards on the older releases, and there are still guitars on this new one. The key difference is the inverted ratio: Bliss’ three tracks are heavy on the synthesizer riffs and lighter on six-string licks.

What hasn’t changed is the band’s ability to craft pop hooks. “Criminal,” “Scars,” and “Shine” all feature melodies that sparkle on top of the new sonic palette. M83 is a clear reference point – the EP’s lead vocals and harmonies bear the same high, heavenly quality. “Scars” and “Shine” also share percussion elements – throbbing electronic drums and thundering roto-tom fills – that wouldn’t be out of place on M83’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

“I’m not ashamed of what I’ve become,” reads an isolated lyric from “Criminal”, and The Silver Liners have no reason to be. Given the songs on Bliss, it is an inviting transformation. - D.C. Music Download

"TUNES YOU SHOULD F*CKING KNOW…THIS WEEK - The Silver Liners - Shine On (3/6/13)"

DC is a small town, especially our burgeoning music scene (which I gushed about last week). It’s not that much of a coincidence, then, when friends are in bands or people in bands become friends. But that makes the likelihood of mixing business (which is what I like to call this article, humor me) and pleasure (meaning friendship) sort of high.

So when I heard The Silver Liner’s latest EP, Bliss, I felt weird thinking that “Shine On” would be a great song to write about. I’ve known the band’s lead singer and songwriter Jay Nemeyer for a while now, and it’s just kind of weird to write about people you know sometimes. It’s akin to that awful feeling I get when I start admiring athletes like Kevin Durant and then realize that he’s almost two years younger than me.

Unfortunately for my hesitancy, “Shine On” fulfills a lot of my self-imposed criteria. The Silver Liners are a DC band (huge bonus points), they’ve really matured in their sound (always a fun angle and position to take when writing), and the song is one that I think a lot of people should listen to (kind of the whole point, right?).

While their first EP definitely showed promise, as it was laced with strong hooks and solid songwriting, The Bliss EP finally gives them a distinct sound to latch onto. It seems to pick up where “Without A Face“ from their last EP left off, but with more elbow grease rubbed on it. It doesn’t hurt that it was mastered by Joe LaPorta as well, a grammy-nominated engineer whose worked with Solange, The Killers, and Autre Ne Veut (who is about to blow up, I’m calling it).

“Shine On” relies on the new-found synth sound the band has incorporated well with this release, and Jay’s casual vocals contrast well with the digital sound, harkening to some of Stepdad’s less 8-bit pop material.

With these new songs up their sleeves, I’ll be excited to see how their show with Drop Electric and Paperhaus next Friday (the 15th) at Rock and Roll Hotel goes. Support my unintentional but admitted biased subjectivism by grabbing tickets to the show and grabbing the Bliss EP when it’s released this Thursday. - Brightest Young Things

"New Music: “Jenny” by The Silver Liners (May 2013)"

Fresh off their Bliss EP release in March, The Silver Liners are keeping the momentum rolling with more big news. The group bowed their new single ”Jenny” from their forthcoming EP Heat (scheduled to be released on June 7th). “Jenny” is a return of the band’s signature pop/rock flavor that diverges slightly from their more electronic offerings off of Bliss. If you’re looking to catch them live, their next show is scheduled for June 1st with The Riverbreaks and Go Cozy at DC9. - D.C. Music Download

"Feature of Shine On Remix by Gavin Holland (Nov. 2013)"

"This blog is dedicated to the rising creative culture we know and love here in The District." - Durkl's "The District" Blog

"TRACKING: The Silver Liners - 'Criminal' (October 2013)"

SOUNDS LIKE: If their modern cousins Beach Fossils and Wild Nothing jumped on stage with Flock of Seagulls.
WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Undeniably catchy, “Criminal” will kick off your next homegrown DC dance party.

DC-based Silver Liners play indie rock dominated by a danceable electronic pulse, and they do it well. “Criminal,” from their recent EP Bliss, mixes soaring harmonies with an approachable beat that recalls the best of early ‘80s bands like A Flock of Seagulls or The Fixx.

The Silver Liners are playing a few shows around DC next month, including Nov. 21 at DC9 with Cymbals Eat Guitars and Grooms. Check out their Bliss EP here and stream "Criminal" below. - Chunky Glasses

"The Week in Shows, 10/21 - 10/27"

Show recommendation for Oct 24, 2013 show with The Lonely Forest at Comet Ping Pong. - Fuzzy Logic

"Shows to Get Pumped For This Week - 10.21.13"

Show recommendation from DC Blog Brightest Young Things - for Oct 24, 2013 show with The Lonely Forest at Comet Ping Pong. - Brightest Young Things

"Notable Local Shows (October 2013)"

Show recommendations from DC's Listen Local First guide to local music happenings. - Listen Local First

"Review: The Silver Liners - Bliss (Sept. 2013)"

There is something about ‘60s pop that I love. It’s that moment when you immediately recognize that tune and it wraps you up in its warm glow. “Sugar….Oh, honey, honey!” “S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!” These are defining moments that in its simplicity can last a lifetime.

I feel that way with “Criminal,” the first of three songs off of The Silver Liner’s EP Bliss. There’s a bravado in the song’s pop construction that pulls you in and drives out into the summer sun. The slightly elevated synth pop accuanted by a dominant overlayer of luscious indie pop that make you feel like the city is on your side.

Jay Nemeyer is the instigator and his vocals play out like a best friend where you look for and are intrigued by his lead vocals. He teams up with Rose Davis on “Scars,” as the two compliment each other in a glorious celebration of excellent songwriting and musicianship. More synth pop in nature than “Criminal,” “Scars” is more science fiction in its most human.

“Shine On” goes even further in electronic pop bliss and really sends us spiraling off into some good vibes. It’s a perfect end to an EP that is way too short. If this song does not gain more attention, then shame on you for not spreading the word. It’s a gorgeous song filled with a heaping load of emotion. The production is top notch and the way this band works together is flawless. My only complaint is that I want more! I only hope a full length is being considered. - Selective Memory Magazine

"Interview: The Silver Liners (8/27/13)"

Tell us a little about yourself!
Jay: John and I went to college together at the College of Wooster. John knew Matt from growing up. So we just started jamming together and we’ve had several different lineups since then. We started playing in the area in January 2010. Rose and I actually used to work together. We just started talking about music one day, and it turned out that we have some of the same musical interests. I was writing a lot of stuff that was requiring a lot of harmonies and different layers of harmonies, and Rose fills out the high harmony range.

How would you describe your music?
Rose: I get a feeling from it that it’s very optimistic. I feel like it is a little bit hopeful, but also kind of American, in a way-- like American youth in that there is a kind of this hopeful element -- but it’s not all light and happy.

J: When we started, the first couple EPs were very much towards the pop rock side of things. This EP that we put out in March is definitely a departure from that; it is very keyboard driven, lots of reverb. We spent a lot of time tweaking the sound with our engineer. We really enjoyed that process.

Click ahead for more from the Silver Liners and the DC music scene!

What is it like making music in the studio?
J: We made a conscious effort from the beginning to make a "different" sounding record, something that we hadn’t done and then something in this area specifically that another band hasn’t tried to do. We’ve tried to make it all our own.

R: I came in during the recording process because of what Jay mentioned in wanting some higher harmonies and a female voice, for “Scars” in particular, and we sort of built from there. It was exciting to be in a recording studio with a great engineer, Kyle Downes, who is great to work with. For someone who was new to the band and new to recording, I couldn't have had a better experience. And it is also exciting because there are a lot of decisions to be made, and it’s exciting to be a part of those decisions and to give inputs and see what works and what does not. Technology is at point where you can just go wild if you want to.

J: The relationship that we have with Kyle just makes it so easy to come in with an idea. If he tells you it sucks, then it is somehow okay. It’s not about egos, it’s about the music and the product. It took us about a year to record the entire album. It’s a continuous thing. We’re deciding what to do with it and when to release it because we also have new material that needs to be recorded. There’s worse things in the world than having too much music.

How would you describe the DC music scene? How do you fit into that?
R: DC has an amazing music history with jazz and punk. The DC music scene is a big, thriving thing and I think often it gets forgotten in the shuffle of all the big music cities around the country. I’m from one (Atlanta), and growing up, DC was definitely not on my radar at all. Even living here for years, you really have to seek out music. I think increasingly people are seeking out non-traditional DC music, and that has provided an opportunity for bands like us to get a foothold and get heard.

J: The scene in DC has been overshadowed by the history. Everyone loves to talk about Fugazi and Minor Threat. I think what gets lost is that there are a ton of really good bands from here. I feel like I find out about a new band from here every week. It’s amazing. It’s great to play with all local bills, like Brett and Ra Ra Rasputin. It’s on the up-and-up right now.

R: When I talk about optimism -- there’s a really exciting local scene going on. I’m hopeful about it. I think a big part of it is the low quantity of smaller and medium sized venues, which makes it tough here. [Jay and I] first connected about music by talking about venues. There’s a much greater diversity of small and medium sized venues in Atlanta, where local acts have the opportunity to perform and get experience on stage. That’s something I’d really like to see happening in DC. I’d like to see more music-oriented venues opening.

Do you have a favorite DC venue (to play at or as a music lover)?
J: I have a three way tie, which is ridiculous when there are so few venues. I’ve played the 9:30 Club three times and it’s amazing every time. The sound is so good, there’s space to move around, and you can hear yourself. Red Palace, before it closed down. We had the opportunity to open for a couple really good bands there. Rock and Roll Hotel, too.

R: I really love U Street Music Hall. They really just bring quality DJs and bands. I’ve seen some amazing bands there. I always have so much fun there. I recently went to a different dance club and it really made me appreciate U Hall. U Hall is just really connected with what people want. It’s no fuss and all about the music.

What bands do you feel particularly inspire your music?
J: I have a bunch. I think we all listen to a - This Is Our Jam (DC)

"Recap: Honest Haloway, The Silver Liners, Ra Ra Rasputin, Brett (August 2013)"

Review of August 2, 2013 show from This Is Our Jam music blog in Washington, DC.

"The Silver Liners were up next, and these guys and gal didn't disappoint. From their cover of "Trojans" (very potentially better and most definitely more enthusiastic than Atlas Genius' live version, in TIOJ's opinion) to some new songs to a guitarist playing with a broken wrist, color me impressed." - This Is Our Jam (DC)

"Q&A with Nate Ihara (8/22/2013)"

"Nate Ihara is a talented singer and songwriter who has hosted the Band Battle for the last few years. We got to ask him a few questions for the blog in advance of the finals this Friday night! Check out Nate’s music at and his band at and on twitter @nateihara and @wwkmusic.

Which bands from past years stand out?
I liked Delta Rae and The Silver Liners a lot" - Music Makes Life Better

"Concert Review (August 2013)"

Review of live show - August 2013 - Yeah Right Blog

"Recap: Honest Haloway, The Silver Liners, Ra Ra Rasputin, Brett (August 2013)"

Review of August 2, 2013 show from This Is Our Jam music blog in Washington, DC.

"The Silver Liners were up next, and these guys and gal didn't disappoint. From their cover of "Trojans" (very potentially better and most definitely more enthusiastic than Atlas Genius' live version, in TIOJ's opinion) to some new songs to a guitarist playing with a broken wrist, color me impressed." - This Is Our Jam (DC)

"DMD’s Summer Sizzler Showcase 2013 (Promo Video)"

Promo video for Aug 2, 2013 show at Rock and Roll Hotel - D.C. Music Download

"D.C. Music Download Presents: A Night of Synths Aug 2 @ Rock & Roll Hotel (2013)"

This Friday, DC Music Download presents a night of synths and pop rock at Rock & Roll Hotel (celebrating their 7th anniversary this month!) Taking to the stage are some of DC's finest including 80's tinged lush tones from the electronic-pop Brett, future house awesomeness from Ra Ra Rasputin (check out their latest track "Living Room" below,) MTV pop-rock soundtrack gurus The Silver Liners (pictured above,) and the dark and nostalgic driven duo Honest Haloway.
It all happens Friday Aug 2 @ Rock & Roll Hotel. 8 PM $12 DOS - The Deli Magazine

"Going Out Guide for the District of Columbia, Aug. 1-7 (2013)"

Recommendations for local events from the Washington Post - The Washington Post

"The Silver Liners at the 9:30 Club (July 2013)"

Review of live performance by Stephen Bradley - The Washington Times

"Q&A With: Kyle Downes (July 2013)"

Interview with The Silver Liners "Bliss" producer, Kyle Downes - D.C. Music Download

"“The Silver Liners June 2013” (Interview and performance)"

(Interview and Performance) - District Soundscene

"Photos: Midnight Hike, The Silver Liners, White Ford Bronco and Redline Addiction @ 9:30 Club 6.24.13"

Photos: Midnight Hike, The Silver Liners, White Ford Bronco and Redline Addiction @ 9:30 Club 6.24.13

Photos by John-Paul Zajackowski-All Rights Reserved - D.C. Music Download

"The Silver Liners - The Riverbreaks - Go Cozy -- DC9 - Jun 2 2013"

The Silver Liners - I have long been a fan of this young local band, as like the Riverbreaks, they have a mainstream appeal, but write personal high quality songs for the indie fans. In other words, these bands could be big, but for all the right reasons and on the right paths. Tonight only furthered my belief, as they were as strong as ever. Even as they present their poppiest numbers, they still kept their strength in the delivery. They rocked out all set long with the two axemen trading a bass around or playing two guitars, allowing the keyboardist to fill out the bottom. The drum work was crisp, the vocals assured, and the band really locked in tonight, even as they integrated their more complex patterns. The keyboards were noticeably present tonight, but each component sound had purpose and excellent execution in delivering the whole of the song. They can be deep and dreamy, light and danceable, or rocking and it all comes together as a cohesive set. May they continue to shine brightly. - DC Rock Live

"Going Out Guide for the District of Columbia, May 30-June 5"

The Silver Liners The D.C. pop rock band shares the stage with the Riverbreaks and Go Cozy. 9:30 p.m. DC9, 1940 Ninth St. NW. 202-483-5000. $10. - The Washington Post


This young local band has established a solid presence on the local scene the last few years with highly professional and emotionally engaging sets of modern rock music. Their live shows continue to draw large audiences with their energetic, yet danceable music. They have a brand new three song EP out that leans more toward the dance side of the equation. Their thick sound is stronger than ever with these three songs yet there are more keyboards and electronics than guitar. That is often the case with with many dance oriented bands when comparing their live sound to their records. Frankly, it is a good way to present danceable pop rock music, although it never quite resonates for me as strongly as it will on stage. The melodies and vocal work is as strong as ever especially evident on "Shine On", which shines on with its old school synthesizer, distant backing vocals and powerful chorus. The production is effective here with a shimmering feeling throughout. I find the Silver Liners to be an interesting band that could capture loads of music fans if their music catches on in all the right places. Although I may prefer their more rocking live set (coming from someone who deeply wishes he could enjoy New Order even one tenth as much as he loved Joy Division), this record will resonate with a broader based crowd and I still believe big things await this band. - DC Rock Live

"KDVS (UC Davis, 90.3FM) - Savage Youngs"

win Shadow At My Heels Forget
Twin Shadow I Don't Care Confess
Grimes Genesis
Bat For Lashes All Your Gold The haunted Man
Warpaint Undertow The Fool
========================== Airbreak ==========================
Cults Walk at Night Cults
Girls My Ma
St.Vincent Strange Mercy strange mercy
========================== Airbreak ==========================
TV on the Radio You Nine types of light
========================== Airbreak ==========================
Interpol Say Hello to the Angels Turn on the bright lights: the tenth anniversary edition
Julian Casablanca Left and Right in the Dark Phrazes for the young
========================== Airbreak ==========================
The Strokes Machu Picchu Angels
Two Door Cinema Club What You Know Tourist History
Vampire Weekend Oxfard Coma Vampire Weekend
========================== Airbreak ==========================
Fool's Gold The Dive
RL Grimes Amphibian
Prince Innosence Golden Hour
Sweater Beats The Limit HW&W, Symbols
========================== Airbreak ==========================
Wekeend Wild Child
Disclosure White Noise feat. AlunaGeorge White Noise
Poolside Slow Down Pacific Standard Time
Todd Terje Inspector Norse Is This Arps
========================== Airbreak ==========================
Mr. Little Jeans The Suburbs The Suburbs
Jessie Ware If You're Never Gonna Move If You're Never Gonna Move
Bondax Gold Gold
========================== Airbreak ==========================
The Silver Liners Shine On Bliss EP - KDVS (UC Davis, 90.3FM)

"The Silver Liners"

Utworów grupy The Silver Liners sluchalem z niesamowitym zaciekawieniem, poniewaz jest to pierwszy band, który sam podeslal mi swój material do wgladu. Nie ukrywam, ze fakt ten niesamowicie mnie ucieszyl, bo oznacza to, ze nazwa chillsoundsgoodmusic zaczyna powoli krazyc po swiecie :)

The Silver Liners to grupa tworzaca w stolicy Stanów Zjednoczonych. Poczatków ich kariery nalezy szukac w 2010 roku, kiedy to ukazaly sie dwie EP-ki zespolu - debiutancka "Just Like The Rest EP" oraz wydana 8 miesiecy pózniej "The Silver Liners EP". Na obu plytach moglismy znalezc wpadajace w ucho utwory z pogranicza alternatywnego rocka ocierajacego sie czasem o pop. Tak brzmialy dokonania The Silver Liners jeszcze 2 lata temu:

Po ponad dwóch latach koncertowania oraz pracy w studiu czlonkowie The Silver Liners szykuja sie do wydania swojego debiutanckiego longplay'a, zatytulowanego "Fuzz", którego premiera zaplanowana jest na wiosne. Zwiastunem nadchodzacej plyty jest wydana 8 marca EP-ka "Bliss EP", która pokazuje w jakim kierunku zmierza zespól. Muzyka grana przez The Silver Liners wyewoluowala, trzymajac sie rockowych korzeni, lecz przenoszac sie w rejony brzmien elektronicznych, wsród których da sie wylapac synth-pop. Na szczescie nie przeszkodzilo to grupie w tworzeniu równie chwytliwych kawalków. Na EP-ce znajdziemy trzy utwory, ja podrzucam dwa: - chillsoundsgoodmusic

"Podcast for March 25th, 2013"

Paperhaus – Helicopters
RDGLDGRN – I Love Lamp
Bells & Hunters – She Wants To Roll
The Silver Liners – Criminal
Mariner Project – Chill
Dangerosa – Exhiliration Comes Next
Suns of Guns – 5000 Watts
The Shirks – Sex Gear
Myrrh Myrrh – Might As Well
Mynoni & Friends – Oh Brother
Deathfix – Dali’s House - Hometown Sounds

"August '12 Podcast: Three Favorite Local Concerts of 2012"

DMD’s podcast is back from a short summer vacation! For this edition, managing editor of DMD Stephanie Williams and contributor Ryan Alloway countdown their three favorite local tracks and concerts in 2012-so-far. - D.C. Music Download

"Spotlight On: The Silver Liners"

The five-piece rock/pop group The Silver Liners have not only reached success on a regional level, but also on a national level. Have you ever seen an episode of Teen Mom or Cuff’d on MTV? Chances are likely that you’ve probably heard some of their songs used within the shows. This only alludes testament to the fact that The Silver Liners possess a distinct sound that translates well with a broader audience-with all the cards stacked in their favor to achieve commercial-wide success as a band. With their music garnering strong airplay and attention, the band sets to achieve another milestone of releasing their first full-length album by the end of this year-which they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for to help fund the process.

D.C. Music Download spoke with all five members of The Silver Liners (Jay Nemeyer, John Patton, Matt Hartenau, Kenny Grimm and Ben Allen) about their garnered success on MTV, exclusive news about their upcoming LP release and much more.

Catch The Silver Liners Next: Capitol Groove Fest @ Navy Yard Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 28th

Listen to The Silver Liner’s music on their Bandcamp page, and check out their official website for more information about the band. Also catch our prior review of their track “Just Like The Rest”.

D.C. Music Download: How long has the band been around for? Did you all know each other previously before The Silver Liners?

Jay Nemeyer: We’ve been around for about two and a half years-give or take. No, we didn’t all know each other previously. John introduced me to Matt a while back, and Kenny introduced us to Ben when we parted ways with our former bassist. We feel like it has come together pretty well.

DMD: The band has had several songs used by MTV for some of their biggest shows. How did that all come about?

Kenny Grimm: We were approached by MTV about a year ago-we submitted our entire catalog for consideration. Our songs have been placed in a total of six shows.

DMD: With MTV’s promotion, how has this affected your popularity as a band and have you seen changes in your music sales because of this?

John Patton: It’s always tough to know how one piece of publicity affects your popularity, but we have noticed that people pay attention when they hear that you have been played on such a major platform. It has really changed our expectations of what is possible for the band and has made us feel like this could keep getting bigger and bigger.

DMD: Looking back to when you guys were putting your past releases together, is there one thing that you’d wish you had done differently?

Matt Hartenau: Absolutely. I wish we had spent more time tracking and mixing; we only spent 3-4 days on both of our released EPs. Recording can be an expensive process, so sometimes taking your time isn’t exactly an option.

DMD: With being a 5-piece band, what’s the key to keeping everyone in the band together and finding a balance with collaborating/making band decisions?

Ben Allen: Sometimes it gets complicated-anyone who’s in a band and tells you otherwise is totally BS-ing. We just try to be respectful when someone has a particular suggestion about a chord change, melody, alternate idea-everyone’s entitled to an opinion.

DMD: If each of you were to show what’s on your iPods, what would be the most surprising discovery that would be found?

JN: I have a fair amount of shoegaze and punk stuff. John has a ton of Talking Heads, Police and Steely Dan. Matt has a ton of Slayer, Lamb of God and Mastodon. Sometimes, it’s nice to get away from the indie/pop/rock genre.

DMD:Finally, what can fans look forward to with this new LP? How will the new LP be different from your past work?

JN: Contrary to the way we’ve done things in the past – we have had the luxury of taking our time. We’ve focused much more intently on lyric writing, melodies, guitar tones, drum sounds, mic placement, background vocals and other weird - D.C. Music Download


Saturday, June 30th-The Silver Liners @DC9. Doors 9p/Show 9:30p
There’s no doubt that The Silver Liners has what it takes to garner commercial success, and they’ve already begun the process with networks like MTV picking up several of their songs for national airplay. Not only is their recorded material solid, but so are their live performances. - D.C. Music Download

"Coast 2 Coast: Our staff writers set out on a musical roadtrip, discovering the nation's hottest local bands"

PAGE 123 - The Silver Liners, comprised of Jay Nemeyer (vocals/guitar), John Patton (guitar), Matt Hartenau (drums), Kenny Grimm (keys) and Ben Allen (bass), are giving D.C. locals a fresh reason to rock out. From their poppy lyrics to catchy guitar riffs, it’s no wonder that both critics and fans alike have nothing but great things to say about the band’s current presence in the scene. Songs like “Hot Mess” and “American Girl”, with their irresistible sing-a-long choruses, are perfect examples of The Silver Liners indie pop prowess. - The Music Initiative

"WFNX (Alternative Boston - 101.7 FM) Sonicbids Streaming Radio Spotlights"

by MorningIntern, posted on Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Listen to FNX online this month to hear 15 talented up and coming artists that you can preview right here!

"Runnin' Through My Head" - The Silver Liners

This Washington DC band's self-titled EP, including this key track, can be heard here: For more info on the band, check out the rest of their website: -

"WTBU (Boston University Radio - 89.3 FM) - Interview and Live Performance - May 6, 2012"

WTBU (Boston University Radio - 89.3 FM) - Interview and Live Performance - May 6, 2012 - The Silver Liners - Soundcloud

"Local Listening Booth: Week of April 9th"

Looking for some new songs to add to your playlist? DMD rotates songs each week in our Local Listening Booth so you can check out some local artists that might be your new best friends on your iPod. The best part? For Bandcamp links, you can click on them to download songs you like-it’s THAT EASY. - D.C. Music Download

"TuneCrank's Number One 2012 Song - "Without A Face" (Weeks 1-4, 10-12)"

CrankRank Number Ones - TuneCrank


The fact that there were two good local bands playing shows I wanted to see on opposite ends of the city last Saturday night is something to be celebrated heavily.

On H St, US Royalty celebrated the upcoming release of their album Mirrors. On U St, The Silver Liners played a show upstairs at the Velvet Lounge. Adrian and I stopped by the latter and enjoyed a brief immersion into the band’s brand of soulful electro-tinged rock pop. While the show was solid, I’m even more impressed with the high quality of their recently released self titled EP. Take a listen to their opening track “Running Through My Head” below. It’s catchy as heck and will be running through your head for at least the rest of the afternoon. You’re welcome. - All Things Go


The fact that there were two good local bands playing shows I wanted to see on opposite ends of the city last Saturday night is something to be celebrated heavily.

On H St, US Royalty celebrated the upcoming release of their album Mirrors. On U St, The Silver Liners played a show upstairs at the Velvet Lounge. Adrian and I stopped by the latter and enjoyed a brief immersion into the band’s brand of soulful electro-tinged rock pop. While the show was solid, I’m even more impressed with the high quality of their recently released self titled EP. Take a listen to their opening track “Running Through My Head” below. It’s catchy as heck and will be running through your head for at least the rest of the afternoon. You’re welcome. - All Things Go

"Best Local Bands In Washington, D.C."

Catchy pop lyrics and alternative feel-good sound have catapulted DC’s The Silver Liners — finalists in D.C. 101's Last Band Standing contest — to become crowd favorites, even for those who don’t know them yet. Check them out at places like the Rock and Roll Hotel, the Black Cat or Velvet Lounge. Visit their Web site to learn about free downloads and upcoming shows. - CBS Local

"Presto Bando and The Silver Liners at the Hotel"

Coming off recent headlining shows at the Black Cat and Velvet Lounge, The Silver Liners are a band that has been taking the DC Indie scene by storm as of late. Their songs "Just Like The Rest" and "Without a Face" have become a staple on DC101's wonderful local music program "Local Lix", and their sound provides a potential answer to DC's lack of talented local bands who are going for a more alternative/pop sound on the indie music spectrum. Drawing comparisons to The Strokes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Silver Liners are potentially just a song placement away from joining the ranks of their influences.

Continue reading on Presto Bando and The Silver Liners at the Hotel - Washington DC Indie Music Scene |
- The Washington Examiner

"Music review: the Silver Liners EP"

Traditional guitar driven pop-rock has been done pretty much in every conceivable way at this point. In the grand scheme of things there are very few truly original ideas left, to the point where it’s an overvalued concept and often a backhanded compliment. What should be held in higher regard is a band who can make a confident and catchy album, while playing within the confines of the genre.

?That’s exactly what the Silver Liners have done on their self titled EP.
Silver Liners

Silver Liners

This is the Washington, DC quintet’s second EP released in the span of a year and already they’re showing marked improvement over their previous release. On their last E.P., Just Like the Rest, was a fairly catchy and upbeat affair if just a little on the loose end. The four new songs included on the Silver Liners EP is a steady improvement.

What the Silver Liners do on their new EP, they do exceptionally well. They’re execution on the six songs selected, including two songs from their previous release, is strong. Every song is a tight pop number clocking in at under three and half minutes.

The E.P. is filled with catchy hooks and easily repeatable lyrics. The songs are paced well so that the listener is never given a chance to lose their attention or get bored with anything that’s on the album. Too often a band will catch on to a good idea and then spin it out of control, extending it well beyond its breaking point. That never happens with the Silver Liners, as each song filled with plenty of bounce and energy that never manages to run out of steam.

It’s promising that their development as a band is at this level just over a year after they formed. Usually a band at this stage of their development has a tendency to have songs that sound very similar to each other or are essentially the same song. That isn’t the case on the EP, as each of the songs has their own distinct identities.

The album starts out with an up tempo track “Runnin’ Through My Head.” The song carries similar thematic elements such as longing and heartbreak (two pop staples) that are found in the rest of the album. Although none of the songs descend into melancholy and they’re always able keep things relatively light by keeping each song at a consistent pace.

While the lyrics and sound tend to stay on the light side that belies just how well put together the six songs are. Everything on the album has a well produced sheen to it. The vocals, guitar work, and keyboards all stand out but not to the point ever overpowering any of the songs individually and their able to work as a cohesive whole.

“Hot Mess” and “Without a Face” are the highlights but every song makes a case for inclusion. The only curious selection is the title track from the last EP “Just like the Rest,” which seems mildly out of place here with its funky vibe, but even then it’s a minor quibble as the song carries plays well enough.

It’s another solid showing to their small but growing discography. Any fans of straight pop rock should be looking forward the Silver Liners putting out a full length album in the near future. - The Washington Times

"Words (& Ping Pong) w/ The Silver Liners"

After listening to The Silver Liners two EPs countless times, meeting them at Comet Ping Pong for beer, and then seeing them live at the Rock N Roll Hotel, I only have one criticism; they generally aren’t very good at ping pong (except John, who still owes me a rematch). While I take table tennis quite seriously, I overlooked this slight , because what the Liners lack in paddle prowess, they more than adequately make up for in talent and charisma.

The pop rock group officially formed in 2009 when vocalist/songwriter Jay Nemeyer, guitarist John Patton, and drummer Matt Hartenau started jamming. ”We had a different idea back then,” said John. ”I think we wanted to play more harder, rock based music. It was kind of like garage rock. We were kinda just riffing off each other and learning how to each other play their instruments.”

During a stint in a previous band, Jay had actually written a few songs from, which eventually turned in to the six songs that The Silver Liners recorded for their first, self-titled EP. While the entire EP has a very pop-rock feel, songs such as “Running Through My Head”, provide the listener with crunchy guitar riffs coupled with deep base drums during the verse, which then roll into more lighthearted, poppy notes during the bridge. Regardless of the track, choruses are catchy, almost irresistible. I find myself singing the hook to “American Girl” in the shower; a fact I embarrassingly admitted to the band. I think they were flattered.

Of course, the band had a slightly different line up back then. They’ve since lost a bass player, gained a somewhat eccentric keyboardist, Kenny “Mussy” Grimm, and regained an immensely talented bass player, Ben Allen. “I’ve been messing around with production and synth sounds for a while,” said Kenny.
“At the end of the day, I’m sitting and playing with crazy synth sounds and weird noises all day. I try and add textures to the band’s sound.”

“Kenny and Ben have been adding a lot, it just hasn’t been recorded. Our new album; it’s going to sound a lot fuller because of these guys” added Jay.

Speaking of the new album, it is scheduled to be released in May of this year. “We put more time and thought into the writing process, both instrumentally and lyrically. It’s going to sound different, for sure. We’re still going to maintain the catchy, pop-rock goodness, though,” said Jay.

“It’s not going to be drastically different,” added John. “I’m really into a lot of dance music, like Miike Snow and Cut Copy, so I really appreciate those textures and layers. I think it’s something we’ve wished we had done in the last couple of releases. So, we’re going to go in there and experiment, especially with drum sounds.”

I got the chance to see them open for The Dance Party at Rock N Roll Hotel, and they really know how to work the crowd. Their show is very energetic, full of jumping, crowd pandering, and sing-a-longs. The addition of Kenny is very apparent as well, even in their previously released songs. If his the sound he generates playing live translates into the studio, then fans are certainly in for a treat when the new album is released. I know I’m excited.

Now for some fun questions:

RSDC: How did you get the name, The Silver Liners?

Jay: We couldn’t decide on a name. I should forward you the email chain of all the shitty names we had. One of John’s was Rat Palace.

John: We wanted to throw in the word Silver. I think it was in another name. It was an evolution. We thought about The Golden Guns for about 3 minutes. We eventually settled on The Silver Liners.

RSDC: Good choice. Golden Guns sounds like a bad Burty Reynold film. When you write a song, is it more collaborative? Is there a general formula you follow?

John: I’ll speak for Jay, so he doesn’t sound so arrogant, but he’s written 90% of the songs, both lyrically and instrumentally. He’ll come up with the idea, record it in Garage Band, and then email it out.

Jay: Yeah, I’ve sent out something like 40 songs. You have to go into it know that only 6 or 7 are going to be keepers.

RSDC: How to you choose which songs you play live?

Matt: We all have input, but it is generally what Jay feels most comfortable with. Sometimes he just doesn’t feel comfortable singing certain songs live.

Jay: I’ll be honest, I hate singing “Better Than Your Boyfriend.” I hate the lyrics. But some fans make us promise to play it, so sometimes we do.

RSDC: So who is the hype man?

John: My goal pretty much to get the crowd into it. It’s my favorite part, though Kenny is quite enthusiastic, especially when he plays the tambourine.

Kenny: I think it’s my gem-tone shirts. I was born in a tank top. I never take it off. Also, I have a bit more freedom because I don’t have an instrument strapped to me, so I have the ability to jump around.

RSDC: So, album release party? Am I invited?

John: Absolutely. We’re trying to pick a ve - ReadySetDC

"DC Rock Live - REVIEWS: The Silver Liners"

The Silver Liners - I am always happy to catch a set from this young local band and have probably caught about a half dozen by now. They were fairly accomplished from the get go, but they continue to develop musically and exude a lot of confidence these days. Rightly so, as their songs are well above the average to good material you get on the club circuit. The key is the balance of all things old and new, soft and heavy, clean and fuzzy.... While I enjoy an extremely focused band that sticks to a style or genre (if I like the genre), it can be more of a challenge to bring off the blends and combinations. But when it works, you can really generate excitement with lots and lots of people. And that continues to be the case here, as the crowded house was quite enthusiastic as if there favorite touring band was gracing our city with their presence for the first time in years. I do not like to predict who 'makes it' in this confusing business (since for every Husker Du or Nirvana I get right, there is a Ragged Bags or LoveLikeFire that I should have gotten right--damnit), but these guys have all the tools to do well. So catch them now and share the ride. - DC Rock Live

"Live Review: Mona with the Silver Liners and the Rassle, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, Washington DC – 18th February 2012"

Whether this was merely by chance, I’ll never know, but unlike Tuesday’s Slow Club gig, the openers held their own admirably against Mona. As you can probably guess, I’ve heard plenty of DC acts during my time as a blogger and not too many have really clicked with me. (Now that I think about it, the only two I can remember prior to this week that I really liked were Casper Bangs and Typefighter.) However, the first band, the Silver Liners, surprisingly impressed me. Music label / industry types reading this, take note: are you looking for a band with potential for mainstream success? I’d place my bets on this one (given proper industry support, of course).

When you’re a band people haven’t heard of before, it’s really hard to get the crowd behind you. A remarkably good cover of ’1901' did just that. They started their set with ‘American Girl’, which comes off just as sunny as any surf pop band that has done well in the UK over the last 2 years, except that unlike Best Coast and those other faux rock pretenders, I actually like it. (Haha.) My own confusion about them is why they decided to add keyboards; stylistically, they have a deft hand with songwriting and harmonisation, so I’m wondering if they’ve added the keyboards because they felt they had to, in order to compete with, say, MGMT, on the track ‘Without a Face’, for instance. I felt they were most successful when they stuck to a more traditional rock format. Their closing number ‘Don’t Wait’ (?) was punctuated by a very catchy melodic progression of “oh oh ohs” that resulted in getting the audience to shout back the same progression and the whole thing suggested We Are Scientists at their most frenetic. Good stuff. -

"The Silver Liners MTV Feature + Upcoming Red Palace Show"

Emerging DC pop rock band The Silver Liners are having a big month. After having their track “Like Clay” featured on Teen Mom 2 last week (more details here,) the band will be performing on Saturday the 21st at Red Palace with fellow DC bands The Riverbreaks and The Young Rapids. Check out more info on their facebook and RSVP for a chance to win tickets here! -Amanda D. - The Deli Magazine DC

"The Hill is Rocking!"

First up you’ve got the poppy sounds of The Droids We’re Looking For w/Potomac Bombs on Friday the 13th (TONIGHT!!). That’s followed up by the dance-flavored rock of The Silver Liners on the 21st, the dark, complex melodies of stereosleep on the 25th, and finally the psychedelic assault of The Very Small on the 28th. - The Hill is Home

"Playlist For The Best of 2011 Part 1"

Saturday, January 07, 2012
Playlist For The Best Of 2011 Part 1

Atlas - Another Life

Club Scout - England For The English

Irresponsible - Invincible

The Silver Liners - Without A Face

Carousel Rogues - Fishtail

River James - In My Blood

Dance For The Dying - Echo

U.S. Royalty – Equestrian

Diamond - Fix Of Mind

Bluebrain - Restriction

bellflur - grey sparkle finnish pig

Megaphone Barons - Soggy Ground

The Velvet Ants - In Vain

Time Travel - Head On A String

Read more:
- Local Lix - DC101 - DC's Rock Station

"Concert Review: The Dance Party, The Blackbells, The Silver Liners December 23, 9:30 Club"

Next came the Silver Liners, a five-man band from Washington, DC. First thing’s first: kudos to the unassuming, mussy-haired, glasses-wearing keyboardist who was balling in a BRIGHT teal/emerald muscle shirt. As my concert companion, Ursula, remarked: “Dude looks good in gem-tones. NBD.” Hats off to you, Sir. The band was great – my favorite songs included American Girl and Just Like the Rest. The Silver Liners also made an attempt to cover a Vampire Weekend track which didn’t sound quite right, but it was still fun to hear. Another thing to say about the band: they were pretty exceptional in terms of the members’ instrumental flexibility. They not only switched instruments throughout the show but also had an interesting set-up with two drummers. One drummer had the more conventional drum-set, and the other was jamming on a set that included all types of percussive tools, including a tambourine and a cowbell-esque device. Whatever the exact combination was, it sounded good. -

"Our 10 Favorite DC Songs of 2011"

These guys emailed us to see if we could cover one of their shows. We were lame and never made it out, but we dug this tune. It is available as a free download on their site. -

"Concert Review: The Silver Liners at Red Palace"

September 12, 2011 - I came in during the middle of their set to find decent harmonies and killer hi-hat work. There was a fair amount of audience participation, particularly during the closer “She’s my American Girl.” While the sound is a bit reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World, these guys certainly have their act together, and if nothing else, the bassist looked super happy to be playing, which from another bassist is enough for me to respect this band. - Brightest Young Things

"Concert Review: The Silver Liners at the Rock and Roll Hotel"

August 22, 2011 – In the last year, the Silver Liners released their second EP. Their membership has changed slightly. A documentary film crew seems to be following them around. The band has clearly grown at least in terms of their personal scope. However, they are still a five piece pop/rock band from the DC area and their set is still filled with tight danceable rock songs. One of the more unique things about the Silver Liners is even in their immediate infancy there was a certain kind of professionalism to the band, almost abnormally so. Despite none of the band members being much older than 25, they’ve always played with a clear goal in mind - The Washington Times

"Concert Review: The Silver Liners at the Rock and Roll Hotel"

August 22, 2011 – In the last year, the Silver Liners released their second EP. Their membership has changed slightly. A documentary film crew seems to be following them around. The band has clearly grown at least in terms of their personal scope. However, they are still a five piece pop/rock band from the DC area and their set is still filled with tight danceable rock songs. One of the more unique things about the Silver Liners is even in their immediate infancy there was a certain kind of professionalism to the band, almost abnormally so. Despite none of the band members being much older than 25, they’ve always played with a clear goal in mind - The Washington Times

"The Silver Liners Release New EP"

The Silver Liners of D.C. have just released a great new self-titled EP. They currently have one song, "Runnin' Through My Head" avaiable as a free download here! Expect tracks full of well-produced pop-rock hooks that might be the only thing that can possibly get the most annoying of the Christmas songs out of your head this holiday. If you're in New York City celebrating the New Year, stick around and check the band out at Union Hall in Brooklyn on January 9. If not, then stay tuned to The Deli for more show updates in 2011! (There's a rumor about a Black Cat show in January...) - Jarrett - The Deli Magazine NYC

"DC Rock Live - Reviews: The Silver Liners"

The Silver Liners - A keyboardist joins the 4-piece look made popular tonight. These guys had wonderful pop-rock songs that reminded me of a power-pop new wave rock approach made by some sort of conglmeration of the Dickies, the Zeros and Wazmo Nariz. Great stuff if there are hooks and there were loads of 'em. The keyboards weren't always high enough and a farfisa would have really sent me in orbit, but the sound was still great. The singer was fine and looked a bit like Daniel Stern, Jr. if there were such a person. Impressive set that had the decent sized crowd tonight rocking out (crowd was good all night). I will be queuing up for their next show if at all possible.

Quote of the Night: From some guy behind me "It was awesome" repeated 11 times in a 40 second period by my count. To be fair he did say "It was so awesome" a couple of times. I never heard what it was, but it seemed like it was more like a taco salad rather than a Pixies reunion. - DC Rock Live

"CD Review: The Silver Liners' EP "Just Like The Rest""

The Silver Liners are a five-piece band from Washington D.C. that are beginning to make a name for themselves along the east coast. They've been featured on Washington D.C.'s biggest rock radio station (DC101) and received rave reviews of their live shows. Now The Silver Liners have a 7-song EP out entitled "Just Like The Rest."

The album's title song, also the first single released, begins with a simple bass line that gets carried into a modern rocker with some Steve Miller-type vocals. Silver Liners raise the tempo even more with the pop-punk drumbeat and sing-along chorus of "Heard It From A Friend." The band hits their pop stride with "Without A Face" and "Technicolor." The EP finishes strong with "Cheer Up Alex" and "Like Clay" which both carry a Kings of Leon style sound to the songs.

The Silver Liners have a few shows lined up in November. They currently have a video for the song Just Like The Rest. For a complete list of shows and album information, visit - JP's Music Blog

"The Silver Liners – EP"

Washington, DC’s Silver Liners band specializes in breezy, feel-good pop-rock. The band does sometimes veer more towards the rock side of things but even then plugs in catchy, hum-along melodies.
The band has four songs on its new EP. Each works the kind of territory that you know from bands like Harvey Danger and Nada Surf, with some BRMC fuzz guitar thrown in here and there. “Inside Your Head” has a relaxed tempo and lyrics that cover the expected lost-love theme: “When the world burns down / Who you gonna call, now?” ends the chorus. The song finishes as it started, with guitar-only chords and note-picking. The chords have a faraway feel to them, a little spaghetti-Western sounding while also recalling MBV. The cut “Heard It From A Friend” mixes in some background keyboard and has a spiffier beat to complement the power chords. As you’d expect, the singing here and elsewhere gets a fair shake in the mix because, after all, that’s what gives it a pop feel (and also what conveys most of the melody). One interesting thing about the songs here: the drumming sounds like a combination of drum machine and trap-kit playing, and it’s hard to tell whether that’s actually the case or whether there’s actually any programmed playing at all.
The retro “Just Like The Rest” falls somewhere between 60s blue-rock and its modern updates, tambourines and all. Its revved-up chorus gives onto a slight breakdown before resuming the “My body says yes” and “baby baby” refrains. “Technicolor” opens with keyboards and singing, exhorting “Come on girl just break away.” By the time the song really gets going it has opened up into something anthemic. Maybe there’s something of Bruce Springsteen in there, what with its “let’s get out of here” message.
The band will have the self-released EP available soon and would likely oblige any inquiries about it. It might be the sunny antidote you need to combat the winter doldrums. - Delusions of Adequacy

"The Silver Liners "Just Like The Rest" EP"

The Silver Liners "Just Like The Rest" EP
The Silvers Liners, a five-piece from Washington, D.C, has seven songs on its new EP which they recorded with Kyle Downes (The Dance Party, Greenland, Casper Bangs). These guys are rising stars for sure, being finalists for DC101's Last Band Standing contest. With the opening riffs of "Inside Your Head" it blends modern power pop and melodic rock in a perfect combination. Fans of Nada Surf, Harvey Danger and The Flying Machine will love this band. Each track has a catchy melody and great beat, and just when they threaten to get heavier on "Cheer Up Alex" it speeds up to a bouncy feel good chorus. I am really looking forward to the full length album! - Powerpopaholic

"Concert review: The Silver Liners at Rock & Roll Hotel"

WASHINGTON, D.C. - On Saturday at the Rock and Roll Hotel, DC found a new entry into their dance-inflected rock and roll soul.

The Silver Liners are a pop-rock band from Washington, DC (one member by way of Ohio). The first impression they make - whether in live performance or the tracks on their E.P. - is that they have a grip on a tight, recognizable sound.

Their sound is catchy, but with an urgency that one usually associates with a more experienced band. At this point, the up-tempo dance-flavored rock sound they have cultivated isn’t altogether original. A handful of bands in recent years, from Panic at the Disco to Head Automatica, have mined similar territory with varying degrees of success.

The Silver Liners possess an important trait. They are unique in this area. There is no other band like them in the DC Metro region. What they play, they play very well. They have also set out a number of goals for themselves. Some of the goals are more long-term than others. The first goal, however, is to set themselves apart in a scene that has always encouraged individuality.

For a long time it was okay for bands in the U.S.'s independent/underground rock scene to embrace certain pop sensibilities. Yet, it would be highly unusual for such a band to fully embrace a straight ahead pop-rock mainstream aesthetic.

This paradigm began to shift toward the middle of the last decade. One might attribute the shift to Brit-pop in the 90s. Recently, more and more bands seem to incorporate a sort of dance-pop sound into a traditional rock aesthetic..

This is where a band like the Silver Liners fit into the spectrum.

Walking on to the stage at the Rock and Roll Hotel was a culmination of sorts for the band. They have been together for a little over seven months. Front man and guitarist Jay Nemeyer identified the show as a step in the right direction for the band. The venue is one of the better-known in the Metro area.

The band's stage performance demonstrates determination and goal-orientation. Their sound bursts with energy. Although dance-able, one can easily envision the band successfully offering a looser style (especially in a live setting). Their set was unexpectedly tight for a band that has been together for less than a year. Perhaps they have been able to cut their teeth for years elsewhere.

Their stage presence is startling. With a natural assurance, their movements straddle the line between spontaneous and choreographed. Confidence infuses their performance. They make audience participation central to the show. Moving and dancing, keyboadist Dan Miraldi went out of his way several times to hype-up the crowd.

The songs themselves are infectious and immediate. They deliver a consistent pace and continuous, steady stream of energy. Without wasting a second, a kind of urgency drove the show throughout entire set.

The stand-out songs from their performance were “Heard it From a Friend” and “Cheer up Alex.” Both songs are tight and catchy pop tunes with immediately recognizable choruses. “Heard it From a Friend,” especially, possesses a powerful hook that can remain with the listener long after the show.

The Silver Liners will be playing more around the DC area. Their first E.P. “Just like the Rest” can be purchased on Amazon and Itunes. Keep tabs on this band. They seem likely to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

- The Washington Times

"On the Ripple Desk - Featuring The Silver Liners and Year of the Dragon"

The Silver Liners – Just Like the Rest EP

We’ve been totally blessed recently with the rainfall of fantastic bands that are capable of marrying irresistible melodies, and an alt-pop Brit rock sensibility to their killer garage hooks, gruff and muscle. The Thieves, Mardo, The Steps . . . now let’s add The Silver Liners to that distinguished list.

Coming from Washington D.C., these cats are already making waves, killing the competition and being named a finalist for DC 101’s Last Band Standing Contest. And it’s no wonder. This five-piece can play with gusto, powering through a crowd-chanting chorus, slow it down to an achingly pretty sweetness, or add crunch and muscle when they want to rough it up. Through it all, they layer a touch of Brit-rock sensibility over their pure American garage-y/powerpop.

It took all of 1.3 seconds to hook me on this baby. Just the slightly fuzzed out tone of the bass opening “Just Like the Rest,” let me know that I’d latched onto something special. Bring on the muted vocals, a steady beat, some truly retro-garage chops, and a killer breakdown/build up to that treat of a chorus. This song has it all. Packed together and ready to be shipped out to the world. Expect to hear it on Ripple Radio soon.

From there it’s a non-stop journey through the 7 songs of modern pop rock. “Heard it From a Friend,” is another sure-fire winner, with it’s ultra-cool guitar tone and it’s nod towards an Stroke-y feel blended with some pop punk smarts. Should be on the radio.

Will be. If we have anything to say about it.

--Racer - The Ripple Effect

"Review: The Silver Liners "Just Like The Rest""

The DC music scene is predominated by indie pop these days, but The Silver Liners (Jay Nemeyer, guitar/vox; John Patton, guitar; Matt Hartenau, drums; Dan Miraldi, keys/vox; Ray Remesch, bass) just want people to get rocked. The boys have just released their seven song EP, "Just Like The Rest", which is available on iTUNES, Napster, and Amazon. The band has been featured on DC101's Local Lix and they've earned a finalist position in the Last Band Standing Contest. Now, they are hoping to reach out to the ears of rockers all across the US.

While you could safely describe the sound of The Silver Liners as modern rock, there are clear hints of 90s alternative rock influence. The combination works well and is going to be pleasing to fans of Foo Fighters to Fall Out Boy. We like them because The Silver Liners strive to craft a melody that stands out and hooks the listener - and generally they nail it. It is also refreshing to hear keyboards once again in rock music - Nemeyer has done a remarkable job incorporating the keys in tasteful fashion. The band's potential is maximized on infectious tracks like "Heard It From A Friend", "Inside Your Head", "Cheer Up Alex", and "Like Clay". Vocals are solid, but to my ears they seem drowned out at times because too much effect was applied.

"Just Like The Rest" is a fairly impressive start for a new band - keep at it, guys. You keep those catchy melodies coming and The Silver Liners will make a CD that can go gold.

iPOD-worthy: 2, 3, 6, 7 - BMF - Bill's Music Forum


Fuzz (to be released Spring 2013)
Bliss EP (March, 2013)
The Silver Liners EP (December, 2010)
Just Like The Rest EP (April, 2010)



The Silver Liners are an energetic Indie/Rock/Pop band from Washington, D.C. Their sound merges driving guitars, catchy lyrical hooks, ambient harmonies, and danceable synth grooves.

After a group of well-attended shows in early 2012, The Silver Liners spent the latter half of 2012 working on their first full-length album. Beginning in 2013, The Silver Liners are embarking on a series of performances across Washington, DC, Brooklyn, and Ohio to showcase their new material and promote their upcoming full-length album, Fuzz (Spring 2013), as well as its prelude, Bliss EP (March 8, 2013). The album and EP were recorded in DC, mixed by Kyle Downes and mastered by Joe LaPorta.

The band has garnered press from The Washington Times, Brightest Young Things, The Washington Examiner, All Things Go, The Deli Magazine and other digital and physical publications. CBS LOCAL community blog listed The Silver Liners as one of the top 4 local bands in Washington, DC. The Silver Liners’ music continues to be featured domestically and internationally on four MTV programs including 'Teen Mom 2', 'When I was 17', '10 on Top', and 'Cuff'd'.

The Silver Liners have played alongside national acts such as MONA, The Lonely Forest, Beach Fossils, and The Dance Party and have headlined their own shows at The Black Cat (Washington, DC), Rock & Roll Hotel (Washington, DC) and other venues along the East Coast spanning Richmond, Virginia to New York.

Their music is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Bandcamp, and the Android Market.