The Silver Tear Conspiracy
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The Silver Tear Conspiracy

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"Battle Of The Bands"

The first day of summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time for the Battle of the Bands 2008, the knockout summer concert series brought to you by Big Mama’s Karaoke Café, Tennessee Production, Inc., and the South Knox · Seymour Times. Band Battle hopefuls are already taking the state-of-the-art stage, vying for a slate of delicious prizes and the chance to be seen on KnoxRocks.TV, now airing each Thursday night on MyVLT2, and showcasing each of the bands and their talents as they perform before the Seymour audience. Continued..... Hot on their heels came Knoxville's The Silver Tear Conspiracy, an indie-rock four-piece led by TJ Hopkins on bass and vocals, trading their 60’s psychedelia-influenced sound through a set of sizzling original tunes. See the full article on - Seymour Times(South Knox)


Polyhex: The Ep



Powerful, Smooth, Catchy, Loud!, and Riding on the wavelength of sound itself, all of these have been said about The Silver Tear Conspiracy. The "Conspiracy" was formed in the summer of 2007 to lay out the ideas of four very unique individuals with a sound that reflects the diversity of their background. T.J. Hopkins (26) the founder and bass player/lead singer has came from jazz, alt. rock and the 60's school of rock. His voice is as high as an angels and rumbles along with his trademark droned bass riffs combine to make music of a different and pleasing caliber. Writing with the listener in mind he places well thought riddles in his lyrics to make the listener believe that the story is told from their view but its all really his. Quick to wit and loud to talk always ready for the show to be the best he can make it. Not a mover but a shaker on stage and he will push the band forward to the front while he hides behind the defenses of their jumping and out right holy rolling jitters to punch the listeners ears right in the face. Corey Mayes (22) lead guitar, for Corey you may had well call him the Quaker of rock and roll, when he plays his rough, edgy, lighting like leads he shakes himself and the earth under his feet. A child of seventies super rock i.e. Led Zepplin and Queen he brings the big show to the sideshow. Solid as steel and gentle as the summer breeze his style is the definition of the "Conspiracy's" style pushing the rythym section out of his way to paint his picture of rock in his way. Jeremy Fishburn (27) drums, Rumble, Shake, and dance to it. Jeremy is the foundation of the house that The Silver Tear Conspiracy built. Soft to the touch, and unique to his own, Jeremy has crafted his druming to suit the fun park ride of the "Silver Tears" sound. Precise and cunning in his manner, his drumming suits his personality: Fun, Extroverted, and Sharp. Nick Dickenson (22) rythym guitar/ synth, Punk and Rockabilly are the home base of Nicks sound. Like a chainsaw Nick cuts through the mix with a driving, punchy riff to match anything the band throws at him quick to show off and the real crown pleaser, Nick is the showman of the band he makes everyone look when he picks up his rig and blasts you with that trademark "Silver Tear" sound. The band is now hard at work on their new album titled "Dinosaur", they are ready for the road and to blast out the ears of anyone who wants to find their new favorite band. The band is actively gaining the respect of many local venues and has won the hearts of one of the finest bands in the area: Vertigo. "You will be the best band in the area soon" are one of the quotes from the members of Vertigo. "We are eager to play, and we will!" T.J. Hopkins The Silver Tear Conspiracy is activly looking for any opourtunity to play and are hoping for a tour soon, and in the near future desire the label support that will push them into the next stage of their development of their musical careers. Ask anyone who knows their music and the accolaids will not stop. So go ahead believe in the "Conspiracy".