The Similar Prisoners

The Similar Prisoners

 Miami, Florida, USA

If you like vintage sounds and the inspired songwriting of times past listen to The Similar Prisoners.


The Similar Prisoners is a four-piece band
where the songwriting and musical arrangements
are in the forefront. Adrian Lopez’s songs are
heavily inspired by British Rock of the 60's
and 70's and are an anomaly even in
today's varied musical atmosphere.
The Similar Prisoners draw from countless genres
but always find a way to make things their own.

- Joel Hartmann


The Similar Prisoners LP

Set List

1. Premise Of My Demise
2. Behind The 8-Ball
3. Suddenly
4. Orange Song
5. Try Me
6. Nymphet Nocturne
7. Citadel
8. White Voyeur
9. Selling Of A Country Blues
10. The Bronze Sinner
11. Top Man
12. G-Rock
13. The Slider
14. Propagandist Me, Propagandist You
15. From A Sydney Motel
16. I'd Just Like You To Listen
17. A Child Is Born
18. All I've Gotta Do
19. Blackberry Way
20. I Can't Do It