the simon girl

the simon girl


The Simon Girl is a fun, high-energy, Spirit-filled group of guys who reflect God not just through their music, but through their genuine passion on stage, and their easy-going interactions with people both on and off the stage. The Simon Girl performs at both secular and non-secular venues.


Comprised of six crazy, funny, blessed twenty-somethings from Huntington Beach, CA (whose musical tastes range from Jazz to Jimi, Derek Webb to Ben Harper, System of a Down, to Usher), The Simon Girl is a band who's energy, emotion, and message tend to leave audiences of all ages and backgrounds smiling and encouraged. Though experienced in the recording studio, The Simon Girl thrives on stage, where a simple "set" is often turned into a joyous, raucous revival.
What sets the Simon Girl apart from other bands? Front-flips off the stage, instruments brought for the audience to play, band members jumping into the crowd to tear up dance circles formed among fans, and musical variation that effectively blends elements such as rock, worship, rap, and techno (with a range in mood from "stripped-down acoustic," to "edgy, energetic electronica").
But perhaps the most defining aspects of The Simon Girl are their commitment to Jesus, and their confident conviction that there is way more to life than being in a band.


Demo: The Simon Girl (tracks include "Dance," "The Crucifixion Rap," "Sinner's Prayer," "Here I Am," "The Didg. Jam," and "Out-takes")

Set List


Joyful Noise
The Crucifixion Rap
The Original Cool
Funky 150
Into Your Love
Sinner's Prayer
Here I Am
You Are My Hope
The Papaya Song (orignal arrangement)


Various music by David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, etc. (and even an odd Johnny Cash or Hank Williams Sr. tune)