The Sin Hounds

The Sin Hounds


The Sin Hounds are a three piece band conjuring up quite a buzz in the heavily populated Atlanta music scene. They have been described as "original, rowdy, southern-style stomping blues jams, intimate acoustic testimonials, and a bag full of classic 70s vinyl covers." -


The Sin Hounds are a three piece band that have been conjuring up quite a buzz in the heavily populated Atlanta music scene. Singer/guitarist Jon Harris, drummer/vocalist Brad Fowler, and bassist/vocalist Clint Aul weave a potent blend of Rock & Roll that has been described as “blue-to-the bone with the balls of 70s vinyl.” Taking their queue from groups like the Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, Derek and the Dominos and The Black Keys; the Sin Hounds are anything but cliché.

For the last three years the trio has been busy building their Atlanta fan base as well as their regional following. Being able to share the stage with such names as Tishamingo, Blueground Undergrass, & Johnny Neal has prepared these three to deliver a tight, power-packed set. Their live show has been described in reviews by both and the Southeastern Performer as a moving and jaw dropping experience.

The Sin Hounds two releases, Last Days of Chattanooga & Story to Tell, have been met with praise from critics and fans. Last Days, an “edgy mix of down-and-dirty rockers and moody acoustic numbers”, has been described as “greasy” and “hip”. Story to Tell, is a snap shot of the band during a sold out, hometown show in Atlanta and documents the energy of a Sin Hounds performance. This March the Sin Hounds will be heading into the studio w/ legendary producer David Barbe (R.E.M., the Drive-by Truckers) to start recording their second studio release.

From the guitar and lap steel to the driving drums and bass, their music and vigor truly knows no boundaries. It invites the listener to experience it with the band. Despite the Sin Hounds experience, they are just beginning.


Last Days of Chattanooga 2004 LP

Story to Tell 2006 Live EP

Both CDs are currently being played in their entirety and in constant rotation on

Set List

The Sin Hounds typically play shows that require 2 sets. In the sets you will hear approximately 20 originals and 3 to 5 covers. The average show is about 2 ½ hours long. In the event where the band is opening the show for a national touring act or on the bill with multiple bands, they would only play one set approximately 1 hour long.

Original song titles played live:
(Actual set lists depends on venue and the bands mood)

Snow on the Track
Shackles and Rage
Tender Water
Hey Mama
Draggin’ My Heart to Its Grave
Cursing Stone
Soothe Me
Say it’s Alright
Last Days of Chattanooga
Left Handed Voodoo
All I Want
Meet Me in the Valley
Key in My Pocket
Post Marked the Prodigal
Tongue of Silver
Scoundrel and the Tarot Queen
Under Pine
Island Flower
Pleading Blues
Grace to a Fool
No Time to Cry
Women of Soul

Cover song titles played live:
(Only 3 to 5 would be selected in a 2 set list show)

Leavin’ Trunk
Girl from the North C