The Sinners

The Sinners


You will hear a combination of the Texas Blues, the Chicago Blues, and the great Blues players out of England. We call our music "Blues with an Edge". The stage show is quite often described as a very intense party. The 4 members of The Sinners have over 100 years total experience playing in bands.


The members are all from different parts of the country and the difference in backgrounds has truly helped the sound of The Sinners. Todd is from Chicago, Gary is from New York, Marcus is from Tennessee, and Dale is from Texas. The band has an incredibly wide range of influences (from Jimmy Smith to Leslie West). There are 3 things that set The Sinners apart from other bands, choice of material, the ability to turn each song into their own version, and playing every gig as though it might be their last. The Sinners have 20 nominations for blues awards in the last 3 years (individually and as a band)


Live CD to be released in Spring of 2005
All of the members of the band have been playing sessions for 25 years.
Permanent Case of Temporary Insanity is a solo CD by Dale Hunter (The Sinners are performing some songs from this CD)

Set List

The Sinners set list has approximately 80 songs. The sets are usually an hour and one-half with 3 or 4 sets per night. The usual set list is comprised of blues tunes, originals, and classic rock tunes related to blues. A typical set would be:
1. Messin With the Kid
2. Ain't Superstitious
3. Too Tired
4. Goin Down
5. Who Do You Love
6. Five Long Years
7. Black Magic Woman
8. Oh Well
9. Pretty Woman (Albert King)
(There are usually a couple of originals every set)