The Sinners

The Sinners


The Sinners are a 4 piece blend of indie art rock, noisy experimentalism, moody atmospherics and straight up balls to the wall rock & roll. They hail from Cincinnati, OH and formed in late 2003


The Sinners were formed in late 2003 out of the ashes of the Cincinnati bands Holy Crap and 16 Piece Bucket. Guitarist/lead singer Barton K wanted to put together a band that broke down traditional rock and roll stereotypes and infused elements from jazz, noise rock, prog. rock and psychedelia while somehow still managing to rock. The Sinners have just released a 6 song ep entitled "Everybody's Doing It" with original bassist Mike Pfirrman. Convinced that the Big Apple was a cooler town than Cincinnati, Pfirrman left The Sinners after completing the ep. Armed with new bassist Ralph Parker, The Sinners' sound has blown wide open. With influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Yes to The Kinks to John Zorn, the Sinners come at you from every angle. The Sinners are currently playing shows in the Cincinnati area and will soon begin working on their first full length album as well as playing more frequently on the regional circuit. Look for them in your town soon!


Suburbia Part 2

Written By: The Sinners

Lay back, squint your eyes
You've drifted back in time
Even your past has passed you by
Your motions are like the tide

Moving foreward, they say you are
Success and money will get you far
Catch up to your tomorrow
But the voice of reason is filled with sorrow

Run away
Open your eyes
'Cause it's a good life
But don't be surprised


Written By: The Sinners

Little girl home from church
Goes off to library
Run away into that book
'Cause life is too scary

Little town so far away
From civilization
Little world holds all your truth
But truth has yet to come

Little girl all grown up
A rage against the world
Follow him to earth's corners
Do you miss that little girl?

The greatest joy stabbed your back
A wound which will not heal
Hanging on by a thread
Bottle up all you feel

Live through him, live through me
Live through her so you can see
Plagued by your own cruel mind
Vicarious one more time


Written By: The Sinners

You like the daytime
You get to go to work
Ah, but you hate that too
And your beauty
She'll be waiting
If she's even got a second
When you come home

But oh what a good deed
What a good, good deed
Such a good deed
Such a good, good deed

Here come the children
By the dozen
Here comes another
Who needs a home
Let's build a hideout
Yeah, let's build a hideout
It's hard to find you
When you're far from home

But oh what a good deed
What a good, good deed
Such a good deed
Such a good, good deed

So you found a new hideout
And a second skin
Some will never find out
What town you're in


The Sinners- Everybody's Doing It

Set List

set lists aren't ever the same. Some songs vary in length depending on the mood of the show, so sets vary from 8 to 15 songs. No covers yet, but never say never.