The Sins

The Sins


Good ol' guitar driven dark rock with a symphonic flair created by electric violin. Very eclectic sound that provides for a wide fanbase.


The Sins emerged in 2001 as a post-punk entity (inspired by early Brit-pop bands such as Sisters of Mercy and The Mission, U.K. as well as American rock legends ranging from Danzig to The Doors). Since their inception, The Sins have consistently captivated audiences with dynamic stage presence, vigorous showmanship, and strikingly powerful music. With members from various backgrounds and disciplines (including a jazz-influenced live drummer and a classically trained violinist), The Sins boldly paved their own musical path, combining the familiar sounds of the British punk past with their own edgy rock influences and ideas. The result is a fascinating blend of genres and sounds from the middle-east-influenced tones of "Ecstasy in Oblivion" – to the old school punk feel of "So Many Ways" – to the darker, more melodic vibe of tracks like "Little Girl Lost" and "Nothing." Their 2002 debut CD, "The Beginning" quickly became a subculture favorite, spun by underground DJs from coast to coast, as well as in Europe.

2005 marks the unleashing of a heavier, more guitar-based sound for The Sins, with the release of their full-length follow-up, "The Last One Kills."


The Beginning - 2002
The Last One Kills - 2005

Worldwide Airplay:

So Many Ways
Day I Die
Little Girl Lost
Devil Behind
Girl in Glass

Set List

Songs come from a pool of about 45 songs currently. Set list changes on a per show basis depending on type of venue. Done covers such as The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary, Danzig - Mother, Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up, David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust