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The Siren Project

Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
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"Live Review: The Siren Project at Oriental Theater"

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Oriental Theater
Better Than: The stuff that most of the Goths seem to be into these days.

I’m not sure if they’ve upgraded the sound system or just have better sound guys or what, but last night, the Oriental sounded better than I ever remember before. The presumed upgrade was immediately evident when the Siren Project took the stage and kicked off its set with one of its newer, more ambient songs. Malgorzata’s sultry vocals were a little more restrained than usual. She’s always had an incredibly powerful, versatile voice with a unique character, but for this show it seemed as though she was pacing herself like someone genuinely confident of her abilities, which revealed a greater level of maturity on her part as an artist.

Playing in front of odd, artsy projections of streaming shapes, patterns, faces, structures, flowers falling and colors, the outfit rolled through its classics, putting new spins to songs like “Shelter,” “Justify,” “The Wheel” and “I Condemn,” that seemed to deepen the tones and reel in loose edges of sound. The second to last song was performed by Malgorzata entirely in Polish, but like any great piece of music, you didn’t have to understand what she was saying in order to enjoy it. As she sang, I imagined looking out from a lighthouse across a Baltic harbor as the sun was breaking through the fog and standing on that mental ledge when you’re leaving an old life behind, casting aside your doubts and trepidations in order to move into the new. Overall, it wasn’t Siren Project’s most bombastic and melodramatic show but it was among its finest.

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"A few words with Denver's Siren Project...By Mark Olson"

The Siren Project consists of a striking, oft-blonde, Malgorzata Wacht, of Poland (past vocalist for Fiction 8 and the Witching Hour) and Alex Seminara (previously in the bands Contingence, Gibraultur and Rorschach Test, and a talented graphic artist to boot). “Haunting” is one of the best adjectives to describe their unique combination of ethereal vocals and instrumentation. This band has swung the gamut from opening for national acts, to being featured in the Denver Dark Arts Festival, to donating time at fund-raisers like the AIDS Walk and the Diabetes Foundation, to even working gigs for perfume – nice to know we’re all in the same boat here in Denver…

What's the story behind the band name?

Alex: A while after the band had formed; we were at a loss for a name. A previous member thought of The Siren Project which aptly signifies what Malgorzata does so well - otherworldly singing. It is about the most exacting title this band can have aside from a solo artist's name. Most bands name themselves just to name themselves with no correlation to the message of their music or what they do. Like, Foo Fighters - what's that??? Do I picture UFO's when I hear their music? No - exactly! Or other irrelevant names such as, Candle box or Matchbox 20 or Cracker. Seems like names pulled out of a hat in the world of corporate music making. (wink, wink).

Malgorzata: I think Alex forgot to mention the story behind the siren – a mythological story where sirens sang so well that they drove sailors to crash on the rocks. Yes, that is definitely my character!! I drive people nuts with my voice!!

Who are your biggest influences?

Alex: I would say right off, Depeche Mode - for song writing, message, quality and uniqueness and longevity. From there, Skinny Puppy - weird and spooky; Frontline Assembly - sound sampling used as instruments and rhythm.

Malgorzata: All of the above. Depeche Mode is very dear to my heart. I also love all of the old school music: Sex Pistols, Joy Division and such. I must include singers that have inspired me very much as well: Bjork, Shinead O’ Coonor, Lisa Girrard, Loreena McKennet and of course my fave opera singer Sarah Brightman. I listen to a huge variety of music in general –too much really to list all. I believe it is important to keep your mind and heart open to different music – it keeps your creative juices flowing fresh ;)

Where do you get ideas for your songs?

Malgorzata: Ideas come naturally to me. I actually carry my phone recorder with me all of the time. I am one of those people that sing while driving their car- so the recorder is very helpful. After that, I use these ideas to write my songs;)

Alex: Mainly from Malgorzata’a voice. A session may start with a simple vocal line, key progression, guitar line or beat. Then organically evolve into a "first take" of an idea, of which I am pleased to say the recorder was always on to capture these spontaneous jams. And/or while doing some activity where I am not focused. I may hear an urban sound or rhythm in passing and record this. Then come home and build it in the computer.

What comes first - music or words?

Malgorzata: Really depends on the mood at the moment. Sometimes lyrics just come naturally together with music. Sometimes I write them after the music is written. I don’t usually write lyrics first - although I have been writing a lot of poetry that I may use for songs in the future.

Any advice for other song writers?

Alex: Yes . . . D.I.Y! wherever possible! Collaborate with good quality musicians who want to succeed with you. Learn everything you can about music law and industry related topics. Make legitimate and strong industry contacts, promote online, and think on an international scale, not just in your hometown. Knowledge is power!

Malgorzata: LOL that is what I tell Alex all of the time: keep a recorder with you. You never now when the muse will provide you with a gift of writing a new killer song!!

What has been the biggest headache for the band?

Alex: Ourselves mainly : ) No, but seriously: Delays - putting reliance in FRIENDS to help us accomplish this album, then people turn in deceit, or get busy, or promise us this and then A, B, and C happens to delay us further, or resolving technical issues of technology - frustrating!!

Malgorzata: I can see Alex’s view on this. For me, however, dealing with the business people [is the biggest headache]. I do most of the management for the band. Being a woman and a foreigner makes it difficult. Sometimes I can use it to my advantage but not always. You know that saying “when a man is strong – he is determined, when a woman is strong she is a bitch.” I love being a strong woman- it takes that much to be called a real bitch!!

Any funny experiences along the way?

Alex: Yeah, getting ready to play in a department store, then, during our supposed, "sound check," we get shut down because as a full band with amplifiers and acoustic instruments, we could not be louder than the music throughout the store's sound system. : )

Malgorzata: hahaha – I remember booking that show!! LOL I remember when they gave us colognes and perfumes as a form of payment!!

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The Siren Project was formed by Malgorzata,(Margaret) Wacht and Alex Seminara. Together, they lead the listener on a journey wrought with aural pleasures. The Siren Project has opened for national acts such as: Faith and Muse and Rasputina. They have also preformed before 20,000 people for the Colorado A.I.D.S. walk and donated their talents to fundraise for the Diabetes Foundation at Heavenly Daze Brewery. The Siren Project – preformed at the Denver Dark Arts Festival, while promoting Denver scene. As a result, the band released the track “Shelter” on the Denver Dark Arts Festival Compilation. This track again was released shortly after on another compilation titled “ A Family Affair”. Malgorzata and Alex contributed their music to a double disk project titled, “Education in Infestation”. This collaborative effort features notable visual artists and musicians such as H.R. Giger, Clive Barker, Joe Coleman, Jello Biafra, Johnette Napolitano and Gwar. The proceeds raised benefit A.I.D.S. awareness organizations across the U.S. Malgorzata has also lent her vocal abilities to bands like Fiction 8 and The Witching Hour. Alex's background includes other bands such as Contingence, Gibraultur and Rorschach Test. The Siren project is poised to infiltrate audiences with their sweet seduction. One listen to the band and you will quickly understand why sailors spellbound by the mythical sirens, died with smiles on their faces.