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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



review by Psyko

Thesis of Statement owned le Balafre on Sunday night! Despite Sundays being the day to recover from week-end hangovers and to prepare for another week of hard excruciating work, the bar was packed with fans and i'm sure it's not 'cause it was only $3 to get in. I've checked out so many bands in Montreal but never had I felt goose bumps throughout a set as I've felt for these guys (and girl on violin!). I was so concentrated on their uniqueness and spontaneity that I almost got hit by the glass door I was standing behind (hey it was packed in there!). But yo I didn't mind, 'cause it kept knocking me back to reality. Thesis of Statement are truly out of this world and they take you in a fantasy land all so naturally. Kike who i've met while passing out flyers on St-Laurent met me at the bar I work at, and introduced me to his band mates who were all not only from different backgrounds but who possess a certain confident yet modest personality made it no shocker that they work s o well together. Kike's body twiches, occasional high pitch singing and spine chilling whispers on the mic integrated so overwhelmingly with the alternative, energetic emotion-packed vibes of the bass, drums, guitars and the one act where the violin took me back to the days of Requiem for a Dream. Hey, so did "Intoxication". Actually the night all together brought back quite a few memories of the very talented but unforgotten bands such as Moist, Massive Attack and Incubus (great job on the electro beats!). They're influenced by some bands such as System of a Down, Radiohead and the Mars Volta yet they all have different interests in jazz, hiphop and even samba... whatever structure catches their eye (or ear!). These guys have a concept adopted by a few. They plan on keeping their physical images a mystery as they'd be credited for their creativity and music. The only people I know of who do that are Daft Punk and Pearl Jam to an extent. The combo of Gil (the guitarist often compared to Will Smith! haha, sorry, had to say it!) and Kike write what are the most parts of their songs. The talented Simon on drums has only been playin for 2 years but man he keeps up like a pro. Jeff, the bassist, only joined the band two weeks ago and you know what? He's only 17! JF, the guitarist is serious as he has to make long trips just to make it to the practices and shows! These guys all had ambitions as kids, not necessarily all music-related but as Gil and Kike both left aside their personal interests when they met, they knew writing music would be an interest they will pursue for years. Their demo will be out in October and these creative musicians are ones to follow for sure. I wanted to book them earlier after I saw them perform. If you didn't catch them at Clinton's Tavern in Toronto, BE SURE to check them out at LOUIS XIII on Sept. 2nd! These guys put on an amazing show and they truly left a lasting impression. You people are going places! Fo'real! If you'd like to get in touch with these guys about bookings or info, while their site is being completed, you can email them at Here are a few pics (from bad angles I must say!) just to give ya an idea!!!


"Interview on Chom 97.7FM"

listen to our interview on CHOM's "Made in Canada" with Too Tall.

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"Interview on Nucleus"

Translated from spanish


When was Thesis Of Statement formed and where did the name come from?

My guitarist Gilfred and I form the group in October 1996 and we complete it in July 2004 (a lot of time me you). The name was originally the title of a song but we use it like group name soon after of learning that a group of California had the same name (in that time we called each other Truth be Told).

Who plays in the band and what? Has the line-up remained the same since the beginning?

Kike: vocals, Gilfred: guitar and synthesizers, John F.: guitar, Jeff: bass and Simon: drums.
The members changed many times among the years but this it is the final formation, I am very confident of saying that nobody in this group can be replaceable.

How do you write your music?

In general a member that can be Simon, Jeff or whichever it is, one finds the main melody and the rest adds him its part. There is not a person in particular that it writes the whole music it is a group collaboration.

What are your musical backgrounds, previous bands etc.?

Gil (27 years) he has studied in classic music (piano) from the 4 years. Jeff (18 years) he began to play the bass to the 14 years and he was studying jazz in the preparatory one. Simon (21 years) he began lessons to the 18 years. John F. (23 years) he plays the guitar from the 12 years and me (Kike, 26 years) I began vocal lessons when I was 23 years old.
John F and Jeff played with other music groups before being part of Thesis Of Statement.

What are your greatest influences? Favourite bands?

We have several influences: Radiohead, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, A Perfect Circle, The Mars Volta, Massive Attack, Muse, Víctor Wooten (a bassist genius), System of a Down…

How would you describe the music of Thesis Of Statement?

No repetitive, emotional, deep and indispensable.

Do you play a lot live? Best gig so far? Why?

From August of the 2004 we have played solely once per month because a lot of time was passing in the study preparing “Paramnesia”. Our best show was in Hard Rock Café when we made the presentation of “Paramnesia”, in March of the 2005. At the end of the show people continued screaming Thesis! Thesis! Thesis"! during almost 5 minutes!

What is a Thesis Of Statement gig like? Why should people come to see you live?

A show of Thesis is as being in a musical "trance". Live, the music sounds a lot but it fills and he/she has an energy that cannot describe you unless you are present.

What do you want to achieve as a band? Your musical goals?

To try to recreate our song sound to song, of not creating walls or musical restrictions.

How often do you rehearse as a band?

We practice 2 times a week and inside some of you practice them we have a mini "meeting" in which we discuss the matters of the group.

Have you recorded anything since the first release? There is surely plans to make another album?

We have not recorded anything from “Paramnesia” and at this time we are finishing 3 to 5 new songs that according to us this at another level. There still are not plans for another album, everything depends if “Paramnesia” is an event.

Any other future plans?

Yes, we want to leave tour, especially in Latin America because the Latins have a connection but deep with the music.

Thank you for your time Kike. If there is something else you'd like to share with us, feel free to do so.

Thank you Sergio. In these moments I am trying to convince to the rest of the group of going from vacations to Peru with me in January. If I achieve it for sure we will make some shows over there!

By Sergio Vilar
Nucleus interview: 18/07/05 -


Our EP is entitled "paramnesia" , our first single is "acceptance".

streaming is available in the media section of our website


Feeling a bit camera shy


Founding members Gil and Kiké (pronounced Key-Kay) formed a friendship that evolved with the discovery of a mutual need to express themselves through music. Kiké first turned to songwriting as a means of expression when his father passed away. With Gil’s extensive musical background, it seemed natural to form a band.
They found experimental guitarist John F. after many disappointments. Ironically, they refused him even a chance to audition three times before finally giving in. Recognizing his talent, they moved one step closer to completing the band. The trio auditioned musicians for a full year before finding Simon, an amateur drummer with what they all perceived as great potential. Hopes ran high in with the completion of their lineup__ or so they thought. In the summer of 2004 their bassist decided to leave the band in favor of pursuing other endeavours. Coincidentally, there was some buzz about a talented young bassist which came to their attention at a crucial time. After an intense audition, it was unanimously decided that Jeff was the final piece of the puzzle. The band finally achieved the perfect lineup.
With just a listen to their first release entitled “ paramnesia ”, (the record release was held at the Hard Rock café in March of 2005) there is no question why this band is fast becoming one of Montreal’s up and coming progressive rock bands. Their unique blend of sounds and influences garnered them critiques and interesting quotes like “spine chilling, they took me back to the movie Requiem for a dream”- Psyko (reviewer for Montreal music scene) and landed them an interview on CHOM 97.7fm (Montreal’s main rock station) on their weekly segment called “Made in Canada”. With various medias showing interest, it is only a matter of time until Thesis of Statement becomes a household name in music.