The Sister Lovers

The Sister Lovers


We are somewhere between the late 70's Stiff Records artists, Elvis Costello or Nick Lowe, and the big sounds of bands like The Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, and more recently, Arcade Fire. We aspire towards songs both catchy and meaningful, who, musically, capture a broad range of tastes.


2007 Syracuse New Times
Syracuse Area Music Awards Winners
For Best New Artist

"The Sister Lovers began as a pet project between Ian Proper and Kevin John Burns. Disenchanted with former endeavors, the two strove for a new sound, and began constructing loose skeletons of songs. Soon, with the addition of drummer, Bryan Schlenker, and bassist, Kevin Quirk, the body began to take shape. Still, there was something missing, the heart was there but it was not yet beating. Finally, as lead guitarist, Nathan Curtis, and pianist, Emily Jones, joined the project, the blood started pumping and has refused to cease since. Listen and love and The Sister Lovers will love you back."


"Self Titled EP" - 2007 (June)

1. Maine
2. Great Falls
3. Can You Hear Me
4. Sleepwalker
5. Sister See

"Lava Horse Demos" - 2007 (July)

1. Heart at Bay
2. Still Waiting

Set List

Heart at Bey
Talk All Night
Can You Hear Me
Great Falls
Still Waiting

The length of our set runs from 30 to 45 mins.