The Situation

The Situation

 Camarillo, California, USA

The Situation is an energetic group of guys that have grown up playing music together. Covering every genre from reggae, rock, to Dance, Funk and personalized covers. The show consists of great songs & melodies, solos, and overall craziness your sure to go home with your ears ringing sweet sounds.


From Camarillo, CA, The Situation skillfully combines high-energy rock, bluegrass,reggae, and funk, and finish it off with brilliant harmonies to create a memorable experience. The three piece band brings a huge sound and a great live performance as well as great songs that you'll be sure to remember. The Situation originated out of lead singer/guitar player Mark Masson's garage 5 years ago when the three figured out that they had a high level of chemistry.The band regularly performs at local venues in Ventura, California and now with their debut album officially released they are are ready to hit the road . Since The Situation mixes up all these musical styles they are not an easy band to categorize .
For the Camarillo three-piece, this claim is supported by an undeniably eclectic sound. “Classic rock, dance grooves, bluegrass, country, jazz improv, we mix it all up,” explains bassist Rob Jeffries. “We’re not a jam band per se but there are definitely elements of a lot of styles. We’re just music lovers.”


The Situation Debut Album 2009

Set List

The Set List Consists of 100+ song including over 50 originals.
The sets range from one 30 min set to a Full show of Several Hours Depending on the Situation and Venue