Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

The Skabengas are a new cross-over brand of music, mixing sounds from Latin America and the Balkans to Soweto . The result is a foot stomping, heart thumping psychedelic fusion of Gypsy, Folk and Roots music.


The Skabengas:

The seeds of the band were first sown during Luc and David's musical experiments during their early student years. Influenced by the diverse music of Dizzy Gillespie, Django Reinhardt, Tom Waits, Buena Vista Social Club and others, they fused a variety of sounds into a single stream of high energy twangs and unexpected melodies.

The sounds matured during a series of debauched adventures around the world. Coming back home with saner outlooks, they decided to revise and reformulate their music for public consumption. This process has been aided by the addition of 3 other band members.

Twyla Spiller first played with the band during an open night evening at the Radium Beer Hall, Orange grove, Johannesburg. Her groovy horn playing skills added a previously lacking element to the bands sound and she has become a core member of the group.

Following a gig at a house party, they realised the need for a dedicated bass player and decided that nothing but an upright bass would do.

The completion of the band was a tricky step to overcome, but after a number of trials and failed attempts, they came across their drummer, Mlungisi Shongwe. A beat fiend, whose frenetic bebop technique, suited the bands frenetic style perfectly .

The completed band offers a fresh aproach to music. With an outlook that is beyond hipster chic, indie cool or post-electro retro, the Skabengas play drinking songs, thinking songs, world music, twisted music, dance music, real music... Full-on , high impact, hot-on-the-heels dancing, swing and swagger are but a few descriptions for The Skabengas. .


Gypsy Stomp

Written By: Spiller/Constantaras

Down down down into the bottle we go
To heal the heart and drown the sorrow
The sun may shine and the wind might blow
We're on the road and we've still got a million miles to go
A million miles to go!
And make it through the summers sun and winters frost
You know not all, not all who wander are lost!

Something about this town

Written By: Spiller/Constantaras

So you breathe it in
Then you breathe it out
You're in the big smoke
And you can taste it in the air you choke
Can you feel it running through your veins?
Constricting flows, while your bodies taking all the strain

And feel so weary,
Coz there's something about this town
So weary
And I dont know why

Everyday I feel so ill
Why everyday I feel so good
Why Everyday I feel so ill
Why everyday I feel

Every day I feel so good
Why everyday I feel so ill
Why everyday I feel so good
Everyday I feel.

So you wake up early with the bell
The devils at your front door and you've only got your soul to sell
And you work so hard to get your pay
Its the same old thing in the city, dont you know theres no escape

And I feel so weary
Coz there's something about this town
Open my front door and look around
And I really dont know why

Everyday I feel so ill...



Demo disc released, 16th June, 2011

1. Gypsy Stomp
2. Something about this town.

Set List

1. Something about this town
2. Lizard Lounge
3. Day Dreamer
4. Gypsy Stomp
5. Ahab's Revenge
6. New Swinging
7. Easy Queasy
8. Ska for Skabenga
9. Highway Surfing