The Skariginals

The Skariginals

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Skariginals were created to lift you up through song, dance, laughter and love with their ska/reggae popsteady beats!


Forged by musical soulmates Ryan Mowrey and Brayden Wiggins, The Skariginals was created to deliver a sonic adventure, transporting every listener to their own private beach party filled with laughter, love and good times. They're here to make you dance, sing along and just be yourself whether you're listening to their records or experiencing one of their high-energy live shows. Whether you play their songs for your three year old niece, your eighty year old grandma or your angsty thirteen year old son, they will all find something to enjoy. The Skariginals invite everyone to become part of their family of Skarigineers, make some friends and ultimately celebrate the joys of life through music. 

Ska afficienado Erin White praises, “Seeing the Skariginals perform live is fun and lively for everyone, even those who have never heard their music. They were born to entertain, and are fantastic crowd-pleasers!”
Drawing from their talented pools of fellow USC and Cal Poly Pomona music students, Brayden and Ryan assembled a team of the most fun-loving dudes to complete their roster and bring their music to life. The Skariginals quickly gained momentum after winning 3rd place at their very first show and Battle of the Bands and more shows and an EP were soon in demand. They went to work immediately on their debut EP “Part of Your Balanced Breakfast”. The Skariginals tirelessly worked to develop their music and fan-oriented culture for the enjoyment of everyone!

After releasing "Part of Your Balanced Breakfast", things started moving fast for The Skariginals! Quickly they booked up gigs for the remainder of 2013 throughout Southern California, received airplay on ska radio shows around the world, and they gained the attention of the one and only Tazy Phillips of Ska Parade reaching #1 on his radio show multiple times, playing at his birthday show, and earning the #4 spot on the top 50 songs of 2013 with "Magic of the Moment".

The Skariginals released their first music video to rave reviews in January 2014 and then released a collaboration with Youtube star, Drew Tabor, a cover of No Doubt’s “Underneath It All” (which continues to reach the top 5 on Ska Parade weekly) with a music video. They won the LA Times Festival of Books Inspire Us contest and were featured on the Kevin Says stage at the California dates on Warped Tour this year!


Magic of the Moment

Written By: The Skariginals

Verse 1:
He sees her as she's dancing slow
To the music
That's playin on the radio
It's only so long before
He's heading towards
The fire where she's singing
Along with all the words she knows

PreChorus 1:
And he thinks
Why should I should I be lonely
When I've got her here, I've got her right here with me?
She turns her head and smiles
"Wanna dance for a while?"
She takes his hand
He lets her lead the way

It's the magic of the moment
and you're giving your heart away
Can't you see it's just that feeling
When you can't find the right words to say
Won't you show her that you know her
Even though you just met today
Cause it's the magic of the moment
That's makin you feel this way

Verse 2:
The fire dies down to a glow
He's beside her, talking with his voice down low
She thinks to herself
Is it love well I can't tell
But the way he's got me dreaming
Makes me feel like there is no one else

Prechorus 2:
And he sees
The night turning to morning
He said don't you leave, don't leave without me
She turns her head and smiles
"It'll only be a while"
She leaves his arms
He lets her walk away


He can't get her off his mind
Each moment without her's a waste of time
In her head she thinks back to the night
When all there was, was she and him
And life for once felt right

Chorus x2

Makin' you feel this way
Don't you let her walk away
Makin' you feel this way
Don't you let her walk away

Up to You

Written By: The Skariginals

Verse 1:
You've got a way about you
you see the world through a pair of dark and red rimmed frames
You're acting like you know something I don't
If the world's so bad then why not make a change?

Call it blissful ignorance but I don't care
Just because I'm happy doesn't mean I'm not aware
Cheers to those who overcome the troubles they've been through
Don't you let the world win, it's all up to you
It's Up to You!

Verse 2:
Yesterday I thought about you
and the way you seem to make me feel somehow
I'm better off without you
but you find a way to make me stick around


It's all the same
You're on your knees and the whole world's to blame
Maybe they've already won
If you spend your life staring at the ground you'll never see the sun


We're Monkeys

Written By: The Skariginals

Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Monkey Mac
I've been the mayor of monkey town
Since the last baboon attack

In monkey town we have one rule
that you all must obey
Everyone must always dance
in the old school monkey way!

We are the monkeys of monkey town
We like to play and dance around
Even evolution won't slow us down
We eat bananas every day
and hang about the monkey way
If you ask us why we'll just come out and say...

Post Chorus:
We're monkeys!
We're monkeys!
We're monkeys!
Everybody go bananas!

Verse 2:
Baboons arrived deep in the night
they gave us such a scare
Their shrieks of war and power tore
right through the frigid air
Bounding through our monkey town
the set everything aflame
all that was left of Monkey town
was it's shattered monkey name

Chorus 2:
We're still the monkeys of monkey town
We'll always stop to dance around
Even bad baboons won't break us down
We eat bananas every day
and hang about the monkey way
Nothing you can do you can ever change our ways...

Post Chorus 2:
Because we're monkeys
we're monkeys
we're monkeys
we're monkeys

We have rebuilt our monkey town
we are great again I declare
Prosperity has been restored
we've all grown back our hair

Chorus 3:
We are the monkeys of monkey town
We like to play and dance around
Even evolution won't slow us down
We eat bananas every day
and hang about the monkey way
If you ask us why we'll just come out and say...

Post Chorus:
We're Monkeys!
We're Monkeys!
We're Monkeys!
We're Monkeys!

I Wish I Was

Written By: The Skariginals

I Wish I Was, something great
where people would remember my name
I wish I wasn't second rate,
and better than something plain
but now there's nothing I can do

I know I'm just a nerdy guy
but I'd like to wear a suit and tie
looking over I catch your eye
I'm so embarrassed I want to die
I'll just run away

I know I'm not your sexy jock
but my heart is your own to unlock
You'll find the key in a special place
inside my secret hiding place
Please give me a chance

If you would only give me one dance
I could show you my power stance
and summon all the gods of rock
which makes you wanna feel my love

I guess I'm not good enough
for you to take my hand
I guess it's not good enough, that I'm in a band
Ya see I wrote you a song, I guess it's not enough
I wish I was
worthy of your love

I've just been wasting my time
dreamin' of your love
I guess that I was wrong
it doesn't fit like a glove
It only crushes my soul
and creates a black hole
Oh I wish I was
worthy of your love

I Got Your Love

Written By: The Skariginals

What If I told you that love was
all you really needed?
What if I said, there's really nothing
quite like home
What if I told you sometimes
I feel like I'm defeated
You pick me up off the ground,
and tell me I'm not alone

I just hope there are more friends like you,
always kind and always true
and (you) keep on giving all your love
for free

And I feel so glad, I got your love
There's always more, but never enough
No matter what's gone down before,
You're always there for me,
and that's the real love we all need to see

Verse 2:
We all have those times
when everything goes wrong,
so I sat right down
and came up with this song
Reminding us
we all need our friends
to keep us fighting on
until the end



No no no this isn't a romance,
it's just a real deep love I feel inside
I still still still want you to know that
whenever things get tough let love be your guide

Chorus (4x)